Creative Photo Manipulation By Ruadh DeLone

Creative Photo Manipulation By Ruadh DeLone

Ruadh DeLone is a freelance photographer and photo manipulator. His works have been published in a few magazines as well. He recently did a series called “Head Gear” which involved people wearing different items on their head, for example, a bow tie.

I looked into more of his work and he has some extremely weird shots. Here are just a few.

Check out more of Ruadh Delone's work on his site.
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While these photo-manipulations are good and I'm sure a great deal of effort is made while producing them, honestly, I don't think they're that impressive. There are tons of better photo-manipulations which look much better. I don't like the inconsistencies in sharpness and the blending needs more improvement. Just my personal opinion, no disrespecting anyone.

They make me really uncomfortable which i think is the point...?  So kudos.  Cool work

the one with the gun looks like Mitt Romney....

Of course, the manipulation work makes these purely illustrations, which is fine. But whatever one thinks of them -- the quality of the work, as mentioned by Qashrul, or the emotional responses -- what I see is excellent lighting technique and color in the base photographs. I would like to see more pure in-camera work from Mr. DeLone, because I suspect there would be much to see and enjoy.

I do not want to live in his world, strange ppl!

Its safe to say this guy is a bad ass!!! #Amazingness

I don't like them, very well edited but I spent less than 10 seconds to watch them all, I'm not attracted. 

Really dig his lighting and gray tones-great style.

pretty cool, but the photo of the girl with her leg gone has a slight flaw. the reflection of her nub needs to be flipped horizontally.

DUH!     The one with the arm in the chest is the wrong hand. If it was right, the arm would have the thumb facing out.

EDIT: i went  to say Douh!  not duh! but that can work too.

I had to go through these multiple times. They are very interesting and they make me wonder... I think they are executed very well. There may be a couple that are weak in comparison to the others, but there is a few in here that are exceptional. I commend him for this series.

Really amazing pics...I like it...

nice work check him out in CRAY magazine

Sorry to say but some photo manipulation are very terrible. I don't like.