Enhancing The Eyes: An Fstoppers Post Production Tutorial By Sean Armenta

My name is Sean Armenta and I am a professional fashion photographer based in Southern California. You may have seen a few of my videos posted on Fstoppers in the past but this will be the first video in a series called Fstoppers PPT (post production tutorials) that I will be producing exclusively for Fstoppers. If you have a Youtube account you may want to subscribe to the new FstoppersPPT channel.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and I believe the eyes are one of the most important parts of a portrait. In this tutorial, I will share with you the techniques I use to retouch eyes and eyelashes.

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That was epic. Loved it!

Absolutely amazing

Andrej Grznar's picture

Great tutorial, really helful! THANK YOU !

Andrej Grznar's picture

*helpful :)

As always Sean is a wealth of information and great technique. I love seeing these highly specific tutorials that cover often ignored areas in such great depth. I'm really hoping for a a hair tutorial at some point. And perhaps a trouble shooting tutorial for correcting less than ideal situations.

Great photographer and great tutorial. Please keep them coming.

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Hugely helpful! Will have to incorporate this next time I shoot people close up!

Keep the videos coming!

Yes yes please I was asking for that stuff so long time a go, finally is happen Thanks so much for that !

very nice! never knew about the second technique :) thanks

im guessing you used a Pen tablet for photoshop? especially for the eyelashes...its very hard to do that on the mouse (at least for me it is...)

do you have any recommendations for tablets? thanks :)

I have WACOM Intuos3 A4 PTZ 360 Active Area 305 x 305 mm
You can get WACOM Bamboo from £50 to Intuos4 £300
That is only one recommendation WACOM

Sean! These are amazing. Please give us your skin retouching tut as well! I can't stand re-touchers who say they have "secrets" that they wont reveal. Fantastic work! Well Done!

Just love sean's work! Really hope he and Fstoppers.com stay connected for a very long time. Only great things can come of out of a joint deal like that!
As for this tutorial, i used it a couple of times now, great response from the models that i photographed

Awesome Tutorial! Finally PS tutorial by someone who actually knows what he's doing :)

These tutorials are awesome, these are really informative and useful. I have read and seen a lot of retouching videos and articles but Sean's have been the best jet. Keep up the good work and looking forward to new videos.

Thanks. these videos are amazing