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FS Contributor Blair Bunting to Speak for Apple on Oct. 12

This Friday in Scottsdale, AZ Fstoppers Contributor Blair Bunting will be speaking at the Apple Store about how their products make his life easier. This includes workflow, travel, editing, advertising on the iPad and iPhone photography (which we have proven can be pretty awesome). Blair is seeing this as more of a free workshop of sorts and will be glad to answer any and every question asked. Not in AZ? Not to worry! Blair will also be answering your questions via Live Tweet.

Apple's introduction/description of event:
"Widely recognized for his vibrant and unique imagery and lighting, Blair Bunting has attracted clients such as Pepsi, General Motors, and the Discovery Networks. At this event, hear Blair discuss his various photo projects and learn how he uses the Mac to edit and distribute his work.”

For more information, visit Blair's Blog and Apple.com.

And for your enjoyment, here is a sample of some of Blair's iPhone photography:

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Philipp Boulanov's picture

Interesting how better mobile phones got over the years; remembering your original iPhone 3GS video photoshoot! :)

David Neitz's picture

Awesome. He should talk about how much it sucks to be on my 5th! yes, 5th! iPhone 5 since release because they have all been defective. Ugh. On a bright note I do enjoy my other Apple gear and it does make life easier..

John Godwin's picture

Ironically, I just switched to a Samsung Galaxy S3, after 5 years of iPhone ownership, and my productivity has gone through the roof. Even down to having my calendar simply a swipe away, or the ability to start the camera without having to wait 30 seconds for it to activate has shown me just how blinkered I've been for so long thinking the answer was IOS.