High End Retouching By Cristian Girotto

High End Retouching By Cristian Girotto

I know that high end retouching is not everyone's cup of tea. For me though, I love fashion and beauty photography, and because of that I love amazing retouching work. I understand that different people view photography differently, and to me that's what is so cool about photography. It can be so many different things to so many different people. I digress, anyway, I was recently shown the high end retouching work of Cristian Girotto from Paris and I was blown away. Whether high end retouching is your thing or not, there is no denying the talent which Cristian possesses.

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Plastic people are plastic. 

I suppose you are not a fan of the works of Vincent Van Gogh either.

Cristian Girotto cannot be compared to Vincent Van Gogh period.  

The point missed is that art is subjective and has no requirement to be "realistic".

There should be a totally separate category for that type of work...fashion art. Leave realism at home and immerse in pure fantasy...

look at the neck of the woman in the last two images..we are meant to believe human beings look like that?

I was not aware that someone expected you (or anyone else) to believe humans look like that.

Porcelain. Not interested.

>70% look dead.


Haters will always hate!!! You guys must live under a rock if you haven't seen the level of retouching that goes into beauty and fashion shoots. This guys work is right up there with the best of them.

It really reminds me of those $199 programs that do it in a few clicks. I suppose that is the way high end looks, but it would be comedic in regular client shoots.

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 Interesting that you say "regular client shoots." What is a regular client shoot? Regular to you vs regular to someone like Mario Testino might be two totally different things...

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To say these images look like some $199 program that you do in a few clicks tells me one thing...you live under a rock.

Or don't understand/have an eye for the quality of work.

Some of these post have me cracking up. This guys work is up there in skill. Go look at the work of Mert & Marcus. They are the top earning fashion photographers in the world currently. When you shoot at this level you are not shooting for realism, you are shooting for perfection. Also, many of these models either have near flawless skin, or the make up artist is top notch. Also if you light the subject correctly, man of these blemishes don't show up. Go back and watch the Fstoppers video by Sean Armenta. He used to shoot for Wet Seal. 

I don't know what many of you shoot for a living but if it's commercial and fashion, they you probably have no issues with this person's work.

I would love the opportunity to collaborate with this re-toucher, top notch work!! 

I am also amazed by some of these comments, that because this work is "worked"it means its somehow morally reprehensible, I have not seen that kind of comments on images hdr'd to death by people who has listened through a Kelby tutorial and think they are an artist since they can buy some oil paint plugin for ps. If anyone is making a beer bottle look good in a still life situation everybody goes ooh and aaah since the photographer knows how to move the softbox so it does not show up in the bottle. But if you change a person so they will look different then they do in real life its all horrible, disgusting and a big fat lie.
Since when was advertising about reality wether you sell some homemade stuff on ebay, a power drill in a daily paper ad or some ridiculously expensive make up.
You can still respect some peoples skill and I tell you this looks good what this guy does even though you really need to see it at higher res to make a qualified remark.
Get a life and start respecting people
And to Michael J Traynor, if you think you can get this out of a 199$ app then please let me know what app that is, I would really like that app.

This kind of extreme retouching is terrible, and it is so destructive! The mainstream culture idolizes beauty and perfectionism. And the ads set a standard for how every one else think about themselves, so when people see these types of images but they can't live up to them they will do insane things to try to compete and reach that "fake" standard that has been set. And that is why this is terrible. Because it is all a lie.  

Photography is a lie, anyone who thinks thats photography contains any whatsoever objectivity has seriously misunderstood the medium, its all subjective and its just a question on who's subjectivity it is.

And when people play violent video games they are then compelled to commit mass murder; because of course, people can not make decisions for themselves.

people are interesting subject to photograph because they can live they can speak they carry their own story.....dolls cant even move properly lol

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fantastic work. most haters here dont know commercial work.

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This is beautiful retouching - skin tones - remaining skin texture.. etc.

This is NOT easy work, some high end retouchers take 3/4 hours JUST on skin, and thats not even dodging + burning. 

This kind of work is STILL WORK! and employs many.

Morally / The fashion industry is a issue in itself. I would hope that most people know now that almost every image runs through photoshop. It's impressive to see an image that is labeled as "completely untouched"

Excellent work for fashion, useless for real world though :)

Very impressive work!!

I understand some people saying its not 'real' and sets a bad example, but seriously if people are not smart enough to realize the industry is about fantasy and perfection, not reality, then its a matter of naivety or willful stupidity. 

As for only being good for fashion and not the real world I disagree. I have many clients that ask specifically for this type of retouching for portrait work and even commercial head shots. Everyone has a different opinion on what they like or dont like, so it really depends on the individual.

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Pure Perfection!! 

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Honestly, this work is very impressive indeed.

But there is a breakdown in terminology in our industry that needs to be addressed if we ever want to deal with the moral implications of this work.

It is not perfection.

It is amazing fantasy, its is otherworldly art, its creative inspiration.

Calling it perfection merely adds to the fire that we promoted bad body image and unreal expectations.

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the only expectations that matter in any given shoot are that of the client. if the brief is met and the photographer is paid then any one else's opinion holds little or no value at all. 

whilst i do not find it necessary to edit every picture this way, I would hate to be caught in the wrong side of history. 

I am not sure why people here act like they are part of a photography & retouching regulatory standards board. if you do not like something, it is naive to think everyone feels the same after all we all have assholes and opinions are no different, we all have them

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Very impressive, I can only image how much time was spent in Photoshop on these.  I retouch for a high end architectural photographer and I hope to someday bring this level of skill to the images I edit.

Incredibly talented and very well done. Obvs those that criticize it aren't in the same playing field. A reason why those photogs make hundreds of thousands a year and these posters only have the time to flame his work. I wish I could work with a retoucher of that caliber. 

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