How To Create Your Very Own 3D Image

We featured   a few weeks ago with a behind the scenes peek of her very classy Enchanted Forest shoot. Now she's back with a very handy tutorial on how to create your own 3D image entirely in post using Photoshop. Using the channels palette and the warp tool she creates some pretty cool looking 3D images. Watch the easy tutorial and try it out for yourselves. When you're done post the results back here.


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So, what am I missing, this is not 3D, this is not real anaglyph. It's just a photoshop trick to make it look like one. I hope the author and FS for that matter know the difference. The author even goes to say that she does not like the look of anaglyph on the models face so she decides not to use it there?

Transforming the image like this makes the whole image be one flat (and a little distorted) plane in the 3d space that could be. Have you tried to look at this image trough red&cyan anaglyph glasses?

To make the 3d effect really work as a 3d effect in post, I'd probably approach this problem by separating different parts of the image on their own layers and then do the trick, altho more precisely than shown here. Like, separate the rightmost hand (her left hand) and make it come closer. Maybe use the new tools in photoshop to fill the background behind the girl, so that there's really more stuff to see. etc..

If all that was wanted is an effect that looks like an anaglyph image, just say so in the video and post. If you ment a real 3D anaglyph thing, well, this is not it.

That model girl is so beautiful!

im looking at them through 3D glasses right now and theres no difference at all.  This isn't 3D, it looks cool but I literally just rummaged for a half hour through drawers to find an old pair of red-cyan cardboard glasses that came on a cereal box about a decade ago and after finding them was dissapointed with the result.

Looks cool, pity it doesn't work very well at all.