How To Use Portraiture 2 In A Non-Texture Killing Way

I have had quite a few people ask about my skin smoothing ways. Its really, really simple. I use Imaginomics Portraiture 2 and have figured out how to get it so it smooths the tones instead of all the texture. So if you use Portraiture, follow along and stop killing your textures!

For a quick look at the settings, they go in this order:

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 8.51.36 PM

Also, make sure you check layer mask, and make sure it creates a new layer for each smoothing process!

Thanks and feel free to check out more on my facebook page or website!

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Chris Lambeth's picture

Thanks Phillip! :) I didn't realize that learning a program on your own and then sharing it was ripping people off. I guess exposing pictures properly is ripping the first photographer off too, and using photoshop to edit pictures and using portraiture to edit pictures. I guess everyone rips everyone off. I'll keep that in mind.

Take care! 

 You ripped off that sarcasm :)

You are so right Chris. There are always going to be comments from the peanut gallery. Ignore them.

Alberto Oscarelli's picture

Lindsay Adler uses the same exact technique but I never heard anyone saying she ripped off Armenta (whom I actually have never heard of)

My opinion, it's not terrible if someone improve someone else's technique (adding something new, fix something that is wrong original author, etc. ..) Ok is that people who have not seen a tutorial by Sean Armenta see this tutorial, but note that your tutorial inspired by his tutorial.

I think there is some misunderstanding. This is a common technique that anyone who has extensive experience uses. After a while, it is just accepted as the way to do it. I think it is great that you linked to Sean Armenta's video (his fstoppers videos covered a lot of basics about two years ago), but this technique cannot really be credited to him or anyone else. It just is the way things are done.

Lindsey Epps-Tucker's picture

Cool post, thanks for sharing...

thanks! this helps a lot :) 
(why is everyone being an ass?)

Claude Lee Sadik's picture

I would like to thank Chris Lambeth for making this interesting video, and the commenters for mentioning Sean Armenta who I didn't know. Let's keep a positive attitude :)

 thanks Chris.very informative video !

Hadn't seen the layer output function before.. thanks.. BTW - on future tutorials try to keep your mouse movements less eratic.. as a viewer that's where my eyes follow and your mouse just about made me ill ;) Good info though.

Chris Lambeth's picture

I had a bit to much coffee. ;) Glad you enjoyed it! 

Amenta's brief spell on Fstoppers produced some of the best videos around and still readily available on youtube under FstoppersPPT.  I think it was obvious he wouldn't be sticking around here too long with that kind of talent.  Good luck to him, i also believe he is now on the TV panel of Next top model Philippines, as well as a very accomplished professional photographer working out of LA.

One could do a lot worse than absorb his videos if fashion and portraiture is your thing. High end and well edited.

The video is down!

Where are the video? :P