Mercedez-Benz USA's Timeline Image Is Badly Photoshopped

Mercedez-Benz USA's Timeline Image Is Badly Photoshopped

UPDATED: We have what appears to be the source image...

Mercedez-Benz USA's facebook page, with over 500,000 fans mind you, has updated their timeline image recently, and it's not the best showing of their product. It highlights brand ambassador Adam Scott, which is great and all, but the photoshopping of the car onto the background is pretty terrible.

At first glance, it's doesn't appear to be too much of a problem. The profile photo blocks the back tire, which helps mask the terribleness. But once freed from the Timeline, the image's poor quality is more obvious.

I don't know about you, but I expect major brands to respect their own image. Spend just a little bit of money to make sure that the product is shown in the best possible light. In this case, they are Mercedez-Freaking-Benz. We pick on Sports Illustrated sometimes for some pretty atrocious post production, so we can't just let Mercedez get away with something like this.

This appears to be the source image:

Thanks to FS reader Brandon Dostie for that.

The tires are pretty bad, and the car just looks pasted. The rear end lighting just doesn't work. And is it just me, or are the shadows kinda bizarre as well? Am I overreacting? Maybe. But when it's possible to do a good job, shouldn't a good job be done?

Thanks to Fstoppers reader Jon Schanz for the find.

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Jason Vinson's picture

 there seems to be something wrong with the perspective as well...

Not to mention the reflection of what appears to be a house, or building of some sort, on the rear passenger door. 

Jeff Luke's picture

Even worse, the camera angle of the golf course shot is way different than the car/golfer shot.  

Yes, the perspective is wonky.  And if you drove your car onto the golf course like that you'd be unceremoniously kicked off and told never to come back. 

Josh Hway's picture

The light direction is off too. The shadow from the tree suggests the light is is 2 o clock or so. But on the car it seems to be coming from 4 o clock... 

ratsworld's picture

the perspective is off, and there seems to be another car reflected in the door... I thinks the car was shot in a parking lot.

No, it's not that bad, is not mean to be a superb photo, just a representative photo with great colors and then.

The shadows are totaly off and the green on the wheels are problematic, but looking the photo on the timeline page you just don't pay THAT attention to this things...
I think someone had some problem with Mercedes and it was not me...

Those of us who edit with software will notice the incorrect matching of perspectives in this shot whereas anyone that just gives it a glance(clients) will love it.

shadows gave it away....

George Socka's picture

Angles on the head of a pin argument. Now, on the other hand, MB certainly paid some "professional" to create this, one who probbaly bets paid more than me.

George Socka's picture


I dunno, I always just shrug my shoulders at this kind of thing. There was clearly no attempt at realism here. It looks like they handed this to an overworked graphic designer at the last minute. It's sloppy, and your would think that Mercedes would have higher standards. I'm not sure what the moral is.

Pixyst's picture

The moral is 'if you pay peanuts you get monkeys'.

To protect that brand and with their budget, you do expect better.

for me even the Horizont is feel-able false :(

I design and photograph for a magazine. I've done Merc adverts on many occasions and any adverts that they're supplied with a composited image, it's horrible! Unless it's taken in 1 shot, they're crap! Volks aren't much better either! Case-and-point: