New Photoshop Tool Will Deblur Your Blurry Images

Adobe just released a teaser video for their May 6th event where they will announce few new products and features. In this video they show one of their new tools for Photoshop - "Camera Shake Reduction". This tool will allow photographers to save photos that were always considered as garbage - photos taken in a rush, or in low-light situations. The tool analyzes the photo, and deblur it to make it sharp.

This could be a huge feature for photographers - especially for photojournalists. Excited? wait for May 6th for more updates!

UPDATE: We reached out to Adobe for additional comment (since this is so ridiculously sweet) but they were rather coy in response: "Adobe occasionally provides sneak peeks to provide insight into the direction our technology is going, however we are not releasing any details about today’s sneak. It is Adobe corporate policy to not discuss unannounced products or comment on rumor and speculation."

Darn! We tried folks. We'll just have to wait until Adobe Max to get you more info. When we do, you can be sure to catch a full rundown from us.

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Here come the inevitable death knells from "real photographers" who think mastering the few settings of a DSLR is infinitely more impressive than mastering a complex piece of software.
"Damn those motorcars! They're killing the horse and buggy industry!"

Adapt or die.

Jens Marklund's picture

Will probably leave sharpening artifacts and/or noise. Can't be all good - but looks promising for those important shots you might have missed (weddings etc.)

Mark Kauzlarich's picture

Yeah, photojournalists aren't going to all be on board with this. Not in the slightest. Kind of short-sighted to jump on this as a positive for PJs.

Seagram Pearce's picture

This is very much like what they "revealed" over a year ago. Although, there is something worth considering. The recovery of a blurred image will never be usable for anything other than web (if that). Its impossible to magically recreate texture. It will only be useful for text/super simple textured images. So in all honesty I they could add this today & it wouldn't be as useful as they're making it out to be.

Luke Lee The Photog's picture

I'm quite happy for this feature. Sometimes even with good shutter speed, I had some dodgy sharpness with my images with d800. It goes on and off and focusing was fine when checked. I'd love to try this feature if it will help.

In total agreement with you Luke...kind of irritated by the whole issue with the D800. I'll be sending mine in next week to hopefully resolve the issue. FINGERS CROSSED

I like this technology, but I am poor.