Photographer Preposterously in the Way of Bike Race Gets Full Photoshop Battles Treatment

Photographer Preposterously in the Way of Bike Race Gets Full Photoshop Battles Treatment

In other this-is-why-I-love-the-internet news, at a cycling race last month, a photographer was seen laying in the way of the racers (check out their expressions). Naturally, the incredibly imaginative fine folks at Reddit photoshop battles were kind enough to make several beautiful creations featuring our out-of-place 'tog.

In a later interview the photographer said that he was never in the way of the passing cyclists, but judging by their faces he was definitely a little too close for comfort. Fortunately nobody was injured, this could have easily gone terribly wrong!

Below is the original, un-Photoshopped image.


And here are the recreations from Reddit.



And my personal favorite:


Be sure to check out the entire (and quickly growing) Photoshop Battle.

Thank You, Reddit.

[Via Michelle Rae Uy @ The Phoblographer & Reddit]

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The latest post was made one month ago. Somehow I doubt it's quickly growing.

This dude, from Home Improvement show called... wants his hair back...

I've read that that photographer is a 50 (!) year old guy. I didn't expect that. :-)

Wicked! :D

I...I kind of want to see the photos.

Cheesy but so freakin' funny LOL :D


I don't know if I agree with the photographer's view of not being in the way.

Who would? The line on the ground makes very obvious that the two bikers on the right were on a collision course with that guy. One of them is clearly performing an evasive maneuver, otherwise he wouldn't be leaning to his right.