[Pics] The Fantastic Photo Manipulations of Thomas Herbrich

[Pics] The Fantastic Photo Manipulations of Thomas Herbrich

The great thing about a program like Photoshop is that no matter how much you know there is always more to learn. As someone who spends a great deal of time each week retouching fashion images I consider myself quite proficient at Photoshop. Then I come across images like Thomas Herbrich's. His work instantly reminds me just how much more there is to learn. Thomas' client list reads like the who's who of the commercial world. Take a peek at some of his creations below and be sure to visit his website too. Each photo on his website has a "How It Was Done" section. Within this section Thomas writes about the steps taken to make the composites, he also shares the "before" photos for each image.

Via: machoarts.com

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Truly fantastic. The level of patience and detail is just incredible!

JimmySchaefer's picture

Just wait till CS6 comes out, it will take half the time to make these images in Photoshop. 

But not half the skills! ;)

Elliott.G.Montello's picture

You cant really speed up digital painting and compositing of stock images in to a photo manipulation, you can only make it less frustrating. It just takes an artistic flare, good imagination and patience no matter how good your software is. PS6 will just improve the tools you use to achieve your image and there for impact on the image making it better, but not really make it that much quicker for these kinds of artwork.

Amazing Work!

Elliott.G.Montello's picture

Some really incredible work here so inspirational, nice find. Thanks for sharing :)