Remove Guns & Add Thumbs

Remove Guns & Add Thumbs

What do you get when you take Hollywood's greatest gun toting heroes and villains and Photoshop out the guns?

Hilarious positive encouragement from action stars.

To quote Thumbs & Ammo - Real tough guys don't need guns, they just need a positive, can-do attitude.

Enjoy the show!



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this is hilarious lol

Love it!

Thats epic!:D

hahah pretty funny

Tam Nguyen's picture

Hahaha damn. Spock.

lol...awesome....would be funny if they did bad guys throwing pies :-)

Mr. Bond is doing it wrong O_O

Dan Lubbers's picture

This is quite hilarious!!! Great idea!

Andre Goulet's picture

These are killing me!

So fucking epic.

jeffrey chan tin's picture

lol hilarious. Thumbs up!

Dat John Goodman :D