Step by Step - Photo Composite by Adrian Sommeling

Photographer / digital artist Adrian Sommeling's portfolio is chock-full of the type of photos that make you think, "How did he do that?" Fortunately for all of us Adrian is willing to share the secret sauce. He has been creating videos of his work in Photoshop demonstrating each step and how he composites the shots together to create one final shot. Truly inspiring. These are not the type of videos that will take 20 minutes to watch as he painstakingly burns in the shadows or dials in sliders for just the right amount of contrast. Rather we get a simple 1-minute overview from start to finish that will make you no Photoshop ninja but will immediately open your mind to creating the type of photos you might have never thought possible. In addition to the video shared above showing the making of his popular photo "Wind" - I have also linked below to some of his other videos he has shared that show how he put together some of his other popular shots. Thanks Adrian for sharing your talent and pulling back the covers so we can all see how you do it. Let us know in the comments below what you think.




Watch the making of "StoryTeller"

Watch the making of "Counting SheepzzzZZZzzz"

Watch the making of "Fanatic Gamer"


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Keith Bradshaw's picture

Great stuff.

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writersbloc's picture

Always impressed by how pedestrian the original assets can look and how well a strong retoucher can bring all the pieces together.

Len Currie's picture

Yeah love these.. the retouching is amazing.. so much to learn about the dodging and burning which really makes those photos pop!

Lindsey Epps-Tucker's picture

Good stuff

Юрий Йосифович's picture

Вот, забежал к Вам случайно из поиска GOOGLE - искал фотографию - другими словами меня интересовало кто именно создал эту работу. Очень хорошая работа - у нас так делать не умеют (хотя умельцев тоже достаточно).

Rasmus Bruus's picture

Breathless photography!!

Alvi Navid Ornab's picture

thanks man!

Peter Gordon's picture

Why is there no sound on the videos?