The Surreal Conceptual Photography Of 19 Year Old Taylor Marie McCormick

The Surreal Conceptual Photography Of 19 Year Old Taylor Marie McCormick

At just 19 years of age, photographer Taylor Marie McCormic is one to watch. With her dream-like style, her work is quite intriguing. She has a really great way of telling a story in a single frame. Conceptual photography is a hard genre to execute, especially when it's heavy in post production. The end image also has to captivate the audience for it to work. Both ends have to mend together well. 

It seems she has a good balance between the two to execute her message. A theme in her work seems to be one that takes you out of this world and right into another. With just a brief sample posted below, be sure to check out the rest of her work on her flickr account:

We're curious to see where her future lies with conceptual photography. You can be sure that you'll see more of her work in the future at this rate.


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[Via My Modern Met]

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Singular concepts beautifully realised.

Andrew Harris's picture

Just amazing work
very inspiring 

Dan Howard's picture

would be interested in a follow up post about how she did these and if she actually photographed those jellyfish and mermaids...

Taylor McCormick's picture

Hey dan. I didn't shoot the jellyfish but the mermaids were created half using images of some old underwater pics of my friends and half of mermaid tail stock.

Martin Ghecea's picture

I think what is wonderful about your work, no matter how it was realized, is that it carries people to a place of surrealistic fantasy if even for a brief moment. The fact that you are putting something beautiful and interesting into the aether of our world as compared to so many who are shooting the typical glam, pinups, nudes or just something gritty and cliche makes your stuff worthwhile in my book. There is nothing bubblegum about it! Dreamlike perhaps and being able to dream and imagine is where stress relief meets innovation.
I've been a photographer for quite a few years but looking at your stuff just now made me desire to bring a little more fantasy into my images. You are a clever artist and I wish you contnued success with your art.

Andrea Silver's picture

Mermaid tail stock… I hate to admit that you've boggled my mind on this there is absolutely nothing clever that can be said about this that doesn't equivocate. So you do that with words and photos, I'm impressed.

Maarten de Boer's picture

Now that is true talent, stunning!

Awesome images....Very Talented....

Tim Gallo's picture

aah, tastes like a gum. can we graduate flickr already? :) if you look at all the posts about "conceptual" flickr pick-up photographers from before - you`ll find out that they all look, feel and "conceptual" all the same, probably will not recognize one photographer from another just by looking at pictures. no, really. 
now, if you want to see what a real and "original" conceptual photography is, check out Shiga Lieko - she does so much more without photoshop, shooting only on film! and her work is shown in Paris Photo (i have a feeling you don`t know what it is), Tokyo Photo, probably will be in Magnum soon and e.t.c. 

Aleks S's picture

Tastes like "a gum"??? What does your work taste like, Tim? What does that even mean??? I think you missed the whole point of this post - it was meant to encourage emerging talent, not squash it. You may have "graduated Flickr", but there are still many talented people like Taylor still starting out. Maybe you could encourage her by giving her some tips to make her work "taste" as awesome as you would like it to?

Taylor, I think your work is beautiful and if you're doing this kind of stuff at 19, I can only imagine where you will go in the future. Great work. Don't let people kill your inspiration, keep creating.

Tim Gallo's picture

it means that it sweet at first, but taste does not lasts long :)
and i already encourage her, i give her one name of a master... is it not enough?

Dafydd Owen's picture

TBH - I prefer these.
Horses for courses.

Fleafly's picture

Tim, why must you be a dick about it? If you don't like it, "graduate" to another site. Your shit smells too, I'm sure. Get of your high horse and take the stick out of your ass, I'm sure you are much cooler when you can appreciate someone trying. I love the work she is doing. 

Tim Gallo's picture

what is it with you guys that you can`t stand a critique and all falling to just cursing and talking about "shit"? 
i appreciate someone trying all the time. i am trying myself and i am pretty sure you are. but as long as you put your work outside - you have to accept the fact that it is a conversation and it is not always positive.
i am following this site since its beginnings why should i go somewhere? it is just from site about "making" it slowly transformed to site about... i don`t know what is it about anymore. maybe you`re right.

Fleafly's picture

I can absolutely understand a critique...I have a hard time defining your response as one though. Yes, I said "shit" and "ass", could I have chosen other words, sure. I used those though because that is what I thought of your response to a 19 year old girl who is trying and had something good happen to her with her work featured here. I had a glimpse at some of your work on your FB site, it's good (i really think that), however following your standards of being "original" and able to distinguish it from other's work is another story. I had a hard time telling the difference between yours and others:



Fetching image ...

Keep up the good work! But the next time you try and call someone else out, look at yourself first. 

Tim Gallo's picture

well, indian one is a a test shoot for a make-up artist, and one is for a t-shirt catalogue. non commercial work is here:
i don`t consider myself very good photographer, but does it means i can`t critique other peoples work? though i agree, we should follow the standards we preach. but it is not always true, because usually in photo-art industry the value of the work decided by those who never created anything. and i don`t think age is of a matter here. 19 y.o. or not. 

Martin Ghecea's picture

 I can see your point Tim.

tim newhouse's picture .   Master level work, dickhead.  Shut the fuck up.

Tim Gallo's picture

yeah, thanks for great conversation. 

Tim Gallo's picture
here is some of my private work. you can bash it as much as you want :)

Aleks S's picture

Ok, I'm not going to "bash" you or your work, but I just looked at your stuff and I can say that for me personally, none of it made me want to pick up my camera and go out and take photos or go and create something myself after seeing it. Nothing made me go "I wonder how he did that?". Nothing grabbed or moved me and made me go back and look at it again. In other words, it was uninspiring for me. As if I found an iPhone dropped on a sidewalk and went through the photos and then walked away feeling like I shouldn't have done that. Or to use your analogy, it "tasted like a gum" that someone else had already chewed.
Seriously dude, putting down a 19 year old girl to make yourself feel better about your own "work" or your own opinion of what you like isn't cool.

Taylor McCormick's picture

This is only a small sample of my work ( I just had a series of non/minimally manipulated work get picked up at a gallery and (besides shooting all personal photos in film which stay offline) I currently am working on a series entirely shot on a 4x5 large format film camera.  

I like over-saturation, fantasy scenes, and I'm still a teenager. 
 so sue me ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Tim Gallo's picture

hi, Taylor. I hope you are not offended by my comment and are smart enough to accept negative critique. it was just my sincere opinion. 
i think there are two types of photography, once that wows and fades... and once that is slowly builds it voice and stays. i think conceptual should go further than jus "cool idea". that why i said it taste like a gum... you cant chew it for long, it is too sweet (meaning too much photoshop). but you can do better than that... did you check out the Shiga Lieko`s work?

"I like over-saturation, fantasy scenes, and I'm still a teenager. "
if you`r conscious about it you can do better than that :) otherwise you will be just like one of those guys i gave a link in upper comment. 

Sander Schat's picture

my guess is that you are more like the 'slowly builds it voice' yourself, 
and that every other artist that is not like that, 
needs some negative critics from you to set them straight.

Even a teenager who is just having fun, 
should be receiving negative comments, 
cause fun and play is not allowed in your 'vision'.

A very tough 'master' you are. 
Only... you are not her master. 
You might be your own master, sure.
But let others pick their own masters.

Tim Gallo's picture

at last, someone with ability to take their mind from "genitalia" in conversation :) thanks.

i think you are absolutely right. though i was never angry or had any hard feelings towards artist, i was angry at the site maybe... i already regret it after all the answers i got.
than again as i wrote before, art is a conversation, it is not always positive. in most of the time art and artist get better for the first time when they got negative critique, not positive. if we talking about "fun" and "vision" - than maybe, i think, it is a little bit early to call it "surreal" "conceptual" photography?

and its not about age. stop saying that her age matters, there are photographers who are doing jobs for vogue at 19.y.o. so what? do you know how a portfolio review goes in vogue for 19.y.o. or 40 y.o. photographer? absolutely the same (well, at least in japanese branch it is so, i know, i`ve been there many times). bad is bad, good is good. nobody cares about your age.
 we either build our conversation on someone`s age, or we build it on artists work (we can do the same if her work had to do something with her identity and roots, but its not)... i don`t care if she is producing her work while standing on her hands. 

Daniel Beachboard's picture

Awesome work!!

Dafydd Owen's picture

Lovely stuff!

Kellie Harding's picture

beautiful execution! I love the photography as much as the post production work.

Jesus's picture

The Plane with the Coffe cop is my Favorite great Job........

Yeah Buddy!'s picture

Awesome work. Big fan of The Dr.

Mgdingo's picture

i love this man. awesome.