Taking Advantage of Color Theory: Cinematic Color Grading

Color theory is a broad subject, and the way you use it defines your style when filming or taking a photo. The technique of using color theory on your images and footage in post is called "color grading," and it is more than just using the cinematic teal and orange duo.

Without a doubt, color grading is one of the most essential steps of the post-processing. This final touch helps you to create the general mood and look for your image or footage. While the techniques and software used for photo and video may be different, the principles of color grading are based on color theory, which has been used effectively in paintings, movies, graphics, and industrial design and throughout history. Even the subject is quite complex and not easy to master in a day; the more you learn about it, the more you'll get better results faster.

In this 10-minute video, filmmaker Jeven Dovey explains the very basics of color theory and its effects on regular footage in a simple way. Not only helping you to achieve a “Hollywood look” in your footage, these tips and tricks might broaden your creativity and extend your options when grading your footage and images.

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