Um, Awkward ... Celebrity Gender Benders

Um, Awkward ... Celebrity Gender Benders

Yeah so, gender bending ... this is a thing. Apparently it's a pretty dang popular thing that creative's (without much else to do) are doing with celebrity portraits. Worth 1000, just finished a contest on their site that had hundreds of submissions for this twisted genre of photoshoppers. Do yourself a favor, click through to the full post and enjoy the beauty that IS Gender Bending!

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Really? Worth1000 photos on fstoppers? Kind of sad IMO

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I don't really care if its from Worth1000 because its very funny and most of them are fantastically done. skin blending is very well done and matching facial composure also very well done. There has been quite a bit of time and skill put into these. Yet because they have Worth1000 watermarked on them you can't appreciated them...


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So funny..I woke up and this was the first tweet I opened.. Rowan Atkinson and Daniel Craig..Hilarious!!

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The one with the flowers on his head is also very good hahaha... sadface ;)

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haha, the Tom Hanks one is perfect

They are pretty cool and damn funny!! The processing at a few of them is nicely done. The one of Clint Eastwood and the one of Harrison Ford are genius!!

Really?  What a waste of a post...

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eheheheh, this are awsome fun!

Why can't people just enjoy things. It's like everything has to be serious business at all times. Stop complaining. It's funny and made me laugh.

There is only one girl transformed to guy photo out of all of them?  Yo thats messed up!