Victoria's Secret Models Pre-Angel-Era

Victoria's Secret Models Pre-Angel-Era

Coined as the "Pre-Angel Era", Victoria's Secret was quite modest compared to today's Angels. Besides the furry slippers, unusual carpet and sleeping dog, there is a noticeable difference between these images and what graces the covers of their current catalogs. Naturally, editing skills have improved tremendously but it's crazy to think how far this brand has come since the 70's. Now we're questioning whether the editing is too aggressive. Either way, I think these images probably appealed to both sexes during those years just like they do today.

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Chris Helton's picture

omg were these REALLY VS? And pro? These are like "hey uncle Joe, here's a camera, take some pictures of these girl"

Just goes to show how 'normal' models used to be!

Kinda looks perverted with the WAY the images look. The color tones are so pervy looking, like 1970's Playboy.  I find the see through bra amusing, and the horrible facial expressions. These all look like the older woman you work with that invites you over for a drink and she comes out with a silk robe on, she drinks scotch, and she doesn't know that NO MEANS NO!

not kinda pervy, really pervy its the 70's glad i was not born then!

I see Nipple in 50% of these pics...  Is there Nipples showing in 50% of the current pics? Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place or my monthly magazine is the "PG" rated version.  Damn you Pasties inventor!

For those o think that is horrible/ out of mood, just check some screenshots os bondgirls on 007 old school movies!
Beautiful post!

Nathan Ng's picture

at least give a hat tip to retro space for digging these up last year.

Leonardo Baldenegro's picture

More technical aspects have to mention photographically speaking I find interesting as comments are directed to the nipples of models, like that's the important thing, I find it amazing sometimes how it affects that aspect aside what is really important see the side of the picture and double moral aspects.

First, if you're going to post on a photography blog, you should learn what "editing" means. Second, there's no nipples in the modern catalogs, so these are arguably less modest. 

Sal's picture

What does being born in the 70s have to do with being a perv, you ignorant fuck!

Go on, the pictures definitely have nips in them.