Watch a 6.5 Hour Car Retouch via Animated Gif

Watch a 6.5 Hour Car Retouch via Animated Gif

Photographer and retoucher John Zhang takes some really wicked car photos. You should check those out at his website. As a member of our very active (and now very huge) Facebook Group, John uploaded one of his recent images for critique and examination. Needless to say, we loved the shot. John wanted to show how long a work of art takes, and so he also uploaded a sweet gif to show what 6.5 hours of retouching looks like.

"It took around 6.5 hours total. Most of the time was just spent on "cleaning" the car since there were many distracting elements reflected onto it from the photo shoot location. People are always hesitant to believe that I actually do spend x amount of time on my photos." I certainly believe it John!



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Really really awesome car and photo. By any chance what car is it?!!

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It's definitely a McLaren. I don't know which model though!

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there is only one model. MP4-12C

It's a McLaren MP4-12C

 AKA... the fax machine. lol

He does a much better job removing reflections than I do.

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 i was thinking the same thing! would love to learn how to do that!

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Beautiful job. Is that a smoke added in the last step? Looks better without it IMHO. 

Seems to me a nice white scrim would have taken far less than 6 hours to set up, and would have taken care of the problem...

Only problem with that is that there was no assist on this shoot and it was a guerrilla type shoot that lasted 30mins. But to your point, I totally agreed and was thinking the exact same while editing.

a lot of cloning was done here..gotta love photoshop

 More brushing than cloning, but still a lot of cloning.

it's all in the instagram filters brah!

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fantastic job

Thank you ALL very much! More to come soon :)

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Nicely done John!  Very impressive.  Thanks for sharing.

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very nice

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Nice photoshopgraphy

I've been a huge fan of Johns work and really look up to him! Great job

I've been a huge fan of Johns work and really look up to him! Great job

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someone should tell this guy about YouTube

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How did you create the matte paint look on the car?  Looks great.
My only criticism is the smoke at the back of the car was unnecessary, if the back tires looked like they were spinning the smoke would make more sense.

That guy has a lot of talent with the retouch, i dont have that... But i've got talent to get a better picture since the moment i shot it :)

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Maybe you should grow the talent of reading too.  Then you might realize that it was a very quick shoot with minimal gear and no assistants, hence most of the work being done in post.  

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so how'd this one turn out?  Looks like a gem.

Fetching image ...

This might be removed as spam but I have a video on car retouching called Jaguar XK Photoshop Car Photography Tutorial" Compositing A New Environment which covers exactly this kind of retouching. Cheers, Simon

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What a great idea! excellent work