The Complete Guide to Editorial Food Photography & Photoshop Retouching

Rob Grimm is one of the best food and beverage photographers around.  Over the years Rob has been able to create a strong advertising portfolio that has gained the attention of clients like Budweiser, Kraft, Jack Daniels, Bacardi, Klipsch, Panera Bread, and dozens of other well know brands. Rob's approach to commercial looking product and food photography is so impressive that Fstoppers has invited Rob and his team to teach at both of our Fstoppes Workshops.  The man is an absolute brilliant artist and and incredible teacher.  

So it comes as no shock that we are happy to offer Rob's full tutorial The Complete Guide to Editorial Food Photography and Photoshop Retouching in the Fstoppers Store. Rob and his team at RGG EDU have pulled out all the stops to without a doubt create the most intensive tutorial on all things related to food photography.  With 17 hours of content you'll learn how to select gear, understand shape & form, create a sense of place & time, master basic food styling techniques, photograph in-studio portfolio work, as well as on location assignments.  Rob also dedicates a large section of this tutorial strategies on improving your marketing, pricing, and securing commercial jobs within the field of food photography. In short, you will be able to follow Grimm's entire image taking process and learn about the best industry standard practices.

There are four parts to this easily digestible tutorial: Photoshoot Videos, Retouching Videos, an Interactive Guidebook, and also an hour long Podcast on marketing and pricing your photography. 

Photoshoot Videos

This section of the tutorial is spilt up into five sub-sections: Intro, In Studio Shoots, On Location Shoots, Industry Interviews, and Studio Essentials. Rob Grimm takes you through everything you would  need to know to get set up as a food photographer. He talks about specifics such as what gear works best, and how to properly and professionally "play" with your food. You can easily follow along as he takes you through multiple In Studio and On Location photoshoots, and what to prepare and look out for when creating different lighting situations. Grimm also sits down with some of the best in the industry to talk about industry standard practices, and creating the best tool kit for you. 

Retouching Videos

Grimm takes you step by step through his retouching process with 17 different retouching videos. Check out a free retouching video before you purchase: 

Interactive Guidebook

One nice and helpful feature RGG has included in Rob's tutorial is a completely interactive guidebook.  This digital guidebook is great for quick references, tips, reminders, and external resources.  

Marketing and Pricing Podcast

Learn even while on the road! This podcast helps you discover the best way to Market yourself in the Food and Beverage Photography world, as well as coming up with the correct and competitive pricing list. 

​If you are looking to diversify your photography business and build up a professional looking food portfolio, or if you are simply wanting to create better looking photos for your own website,  blog, instagram feed, or family owned business, I have no doubt that Rob Grimm's tips on producing great editorial food images will save you tons of time and help you produce polished final images.  

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