The Fstoppers Flash Disc Portable Light Modifier

The Flash Disc (patented) is a simple but extremely versatile light modifier for small speedlights. Lee Morris's original idea was to have a small portable softbox on him at all times during his weddings. What makes the Flash Disc so useful is it literally folds up like a reflector and can fit into your pocket, jacket, roller bag, or backpack. The unique design allows your portable flash to "bounce" up and fill the entire circular chamber crating a quality of light that is much softer than your speedlight's small opening.

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UPDATE: We currently have a new large shipment that is being fulfilled through Amazon
After 6 years, a 2 year patent process, and nearly 18 months of designing proto types, the Fstoppers Flash Disc has finally become a reality. Our home made versions of the Flash Disc have been in our bags for almost our entire careers, and we are excited to finally release this flash modifier out to the general public!

Easily collapses into a pocket sized pouch

Pocket Sized

The Flash Disc (patented) is a simple but extremely versatile light modifier for small speedlights. Lee Morris's original idea was to have a small portable softbox on him at all times during his weddings. What makes the Flash Disc so useful is it literally folds up like a reflector and can fit into your pocket, jacket, roller bag, or backpack. The unique design allows your portable flash to "bounce" up and fill the entire circular chamber crating a quality of light that is much softer than your speedlight's small opening.

Unlike traditional softboxes, the Flash Disc is very portable and has an extremely small profile. This makes it easy to move through large crowds like you would find at an event or a wedding. Long gone are the days of raising bulky softboxes over people's heads or accidentally bumping your umbrella on a light stand into guests at a wedding. The Flash Disc can easily be held by your side and takes up about as much space as a hardcover book.

Easy and Portable Off Camera Lighting

Here are some of the situations in which we have found the Flash Disc to work best:

  • Great for small product shots where large softboxes are often overkill
  • Perfect for impromptu group shots when you want soft directional light
  • Nice when you want your key light softer than a barebulb speedlight but more contrasty than a huge softbox
  • A fast and easy solution for detail shots such as rings, cakes, shoes, jewelry
  • Easily isolates small areas for light painting (ala Mike Kelley's technique)
  • Convenient for packing in your travel bag when you don't know what photo shoots await
  • Reliable in windy environments where traditional softboxes and umbrellas often fail
  • Extremely useful during fast paced subjects like children or toddlers.

and most importantly,

  • Invaluable when shooting by yourself and you need to hold your own off camera lighting in your left hand!

Great for Beauty and Headshots

Exclusively Available Through Fstoppers
When we first designed the Flash Disc years ago, we never intended on mass producing it and offering it to other photographers. It was simply a clever solution to a common problem we often faced.  After selling out of our first batch of 1,000 in a mere 48 hour period, we are excited to announce a much larger batch of what we are calling Flash Disc V2.   We find it useful having a bunch of these small softboxes laying around the studio and in our camera bags and I'm sure you will fall in love with this simple pocket sized light modifier as much as we have.  

Live in Europe?  Order through the Amazon UK store

The Fstoppers FlashDisc is now available through the Amazon UK store. If you live anywhere in the European Union, the Amazon UK store can ship to your country. We have had a huge request for FlashDisc in this market and we are excited to finally be able to fulfill to most of Europe without you having to pay for international shipping.  

International Shipping

If you really want the product right now and you don't live in the USA, I highly suggest the website You can ship the product from Amazon to them, and they will ship it to you anywhere in the world. You can also order from BH Photo directly and they will ship anywhere in the world.  

Now available in Singapore!

Our good friend Michael Chaint with ArtWorkFoto is currently shipping and selling the FlashDisc at his photography store in the Funan Digital Mall.  You can check them out in his store or order them online here.  


Videos of FlashDisc In Use

How to Fold a Reflector (until we make our own video)

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Trevor Dayley's picture

Just picked up a set. Looking forward to playing with them.

JJ Whitley's picture

I got one as well.. have not used yet

Gabriella's picture

C'mon guys, you only ship it to people in the U.S.? I've been waiting for this like everyone else, and I paid the same amount for your videos like everyone else. I live in Switzerland, so please make it possible for me to order a set. :(

Patrick Hall's picture

Our plan is order more units once we sell these. If this is a success, we will order 5,000 units and serve them through Amazon which will have international shipping options. Since we are mailing these all ourselves, we had to come up with a simple system. I have no idea how much it costs to ship to Switzerland but it could easily be $50. Fullfilling orders at this scale world wide just doesn't make sense...but I hope to offer these to everyone.

Gabriella's picture

Thank you very much for the reply, Patrick. I don't think postage would be that high, as small a package they come, and I would pay for the extra charge, of course. But I understand, I guess. I'm just afraid that it will take another year until you ship through Amazon and I will be forced to have to look for something else. :(

Gabriella's picture

Just for info: I registered with and now have a US-Adress. And I ordered a set. Thank you very much, guys!

Jerome Ferry's picture

Thanks for the tip, Gabriella! I could order a set also... to France :)

Fran Jackson's picture

Thanks Gabriella, I just registered with too, I am in Australia :)

Patric Pop's picture

Gabriella would you resell me one? I live closeby in Geneve...

Paul Parkinson's picture

So the US gets the "nice price" and the rest of the world has to wait and pay? Hmmm. No thanks.

Tor Ivan Boine's picture

really? move to the US if you want things cheaper and faster.

Paul Parkinson's picture

unnecessary trolling?

Tor Ivan Boine's picture

If you want to put it that way

Cory McClay's picture

It was an ignorant statement and selfish too. Wait till you want something from another part of the world and someone says it back to you..

Jayson Carey's picture

Fstoppers is a small business, and overseas shipping is expensive and more difficult than in-country shipping. Why is that hard to understand?

David Nguyen's picture

Thanks for the reply Patrick, it's now on sale on, but it doesn't seem like it's possible to ship it internationally :(

Patrick Hall's picture

Not yet. We will have it in Canada and Europe Jan 2015. In the meantime, you can use the mail forwarding service mentioned in the write up above.

David Nguyen's picture

Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply! :)

Rafael Conner's picture

I just ordered the set . Thank you Patrick and Lee.

Dave Bunting's picture

Any chance for an overnight ship? I have a wedding on Saturday and I'd love to put them through their paces!

Dave Bunting's picture

PS - I live in Brooklyn. Also, Lee, that moustache is kickin', dude!

Lee Morris's picture

Haha, I'm currently in Brooklyn but I didn't bring any with me. We don't have the boxes to mail these yet so I'm afraid we won't be able to get them to you in time.

Dave Bunting's picture

Curses! Feel like assisting on Saturday? I mean, you're already here...I can pay you in high fives. I'm sure you're down.

Lee Morris's picture

Normally I might but I'm flying out on Friday.

Dave Bunting's picture

Haha, it was worth a shot.

Fidelis Lobo's picture

Needed to order. But do your ship to Canada as part of this batch?

jwheaton's picture

Any videos / photos of this in action? I haven't see the wedding video

Lee Morris's picture

No we don't have a real promo made yet. Once it goes public we will create a very detailed video that explains all of the benefits but we are going to see if it sells out here first.

Gary Teto's picture

Order has been placed! Between you and Hurley I'll be in the "Poor House" But I can shoot headshots there with a FS modifier!!! Merry Christmas!

Lee Morris's picture

Hah! We really appreciate your support! Now go use these products and make money with them.

Vania Tyy's picture

Hello there, I would love to order 2 of these but I live in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Is it possible for you to ship there? I would pay for the shipping. Please, please, I really really really want them!

Lee Morris's picture

Not at this time. This is an option that someone else said worked great for them.

Vania Tyy's picture

Thank you!

Rose Schroeder's picture

email me at ..maybe I can help.

Vania Tyy's picture

I have just emailed you!

Bert McLendon's picture

Any sample/test images compared to on camera flash or other small flash modifiers?

briand liong's picture

was waiting for the sample results too

Lee Morris's picture

Due to the fact that we have had very unhappy over seas customers in the past (because boxes take so long to show up or get lost in transit) we have decided not to ship out of the country with this first batch. That being said, one of our readers has used this website and has said it works great

Zachary Price's picture

I just scooped up a set, this is awesome as I can't afford the soft box setups but would love this for off-camera shoots. Thanks guys.

Skip Moore's picture

Score! Thanks, guys. I've been eagerly awaiting this since first seeing them on the wedding DVD. Congratulations on the patent and here's to hoping that this works out for you!

Markus Hofstätter's picture

Just ordered one set to a friend in US...bummer you guys dont deliver it to Europe.

Bixby Bautista's picture

Quick question, does the light spill through the sides and/or through the back side (gray card)? Tnx!

Patrick Hall's picture

There is a little spill on the sides but pretty negligible if anything is further away than 3 feet. You can see in the product shot I took at the bottom of this article, the flash is pretty strong coming out the front but not too bad off to the sides. It does not spill out the back at all though.

Bixby Bautista's picture

Cool thanks! Just ordered a set. Are you guys planning on making a bit larger version of this for a softer light for portraits (maybe 16-20 inch diameter)? Would be a nice alternative to a small umbrella for some hand-held run-n-gunin' operation.

Patrick Hall's picture

We can look into it. The problem with making it much larger is at some point the weight of the sides prevents the box from staying open on its own. We didn't want to have to include sticks to keep the top taunt be we can look into it. Also larger versions wouldn't fold up and fit into your pocket which was the whole purpose of the design of this item to begin with.

Bixby Bautista's picture

Yeah man, definitely look into it. I think an 18 inch size would work without a need of some sort of bracing. Like I said, that would be awesome as an alternative to a small umbrella for some hand-held shooting.

Michael's picture

i want to buy it, because i wait about more then 1 year, but you don´t ship to austria. this makes me sad!!!!!! i bought the dvd, i´m happy, but now, this is mad...

John Magana's picture

Lee and Patrick, I am so excited about this product, been waiting for it. Thanks so much, ordering now! Lee, my wife and I want that mustache! :) For those guys and gals out of the country, stop the hate and make an arrangement with a friend over here!

Patrick Hall's picture

No one wants that mustache John :)

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