[Images] These Lego Tilt Shift Rooms Almost Look Real!

[Images] These Lego Tilt Shift Rooms Almost Look Real!

One of the tried and true techniques to making normal photographs stand out is to use a tilt shift lens and "miniaturize" your subject matter. Brazilian photographer Valentino Fialdini decided to put a unique spin on this lens trick and make the miniature world look lifesize. Using his tilt shift lens, Valentino was able to increase the depth of field in these tiny Lego rooms to make them look like normal building interiors. The illusion was accomplished by using flash to mimic natural light and turn the plastic building blocks into polished marble and colored tiles. If you enjoy this sort of photography, make sure you check out a similar project, interior photographs of musical instruments.

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like it

Awesome idea! I would have like to have seen the light be a bit more unidirectional.. It would have pushed it that much closer to 'real'..

Reminds me of the Intersect rooms in the show CHUCK.


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