Introducing The Profoto B1 Battery Powered TTL Monolight

Introducing The Profoto B1 Battery Powered TTL Monolight

Announced this morning by Profoto was their newest light in their lighting kit, the B1 Off-Camera Flash. Refusing it call it a speed light or a studio strobe, the completely cordless B1 Off-Camera Flash has some truly unique and interesting features not seen before in a studio strobe. Update - Now available on B&H for Preorder at $1,995.

Perhaps the most remarkable feature in the B1 Off-Camera Flash is that it is cordless. With a battery pack equipped within the unit itself allowing up to 220 full power flashes (with removable battery), the B1 looks to appeal to the highly mobile photographer. It also includes some incredible features like TTL built into the unit itself, allowing you to use your camera’s settings to decide on the power of the unit (with the use of their Air Remote TTL). The unit also packs 500w/s, which is more than enough power to meet your needs.

They also boast the speed of the unit. With up to 20 flashes per second (at low power) and a recycle rate under 2 seconds for full power, the B1 will be able to offer a great alternative to those using speedlights as off camera flash units. You can of course also expect to see all the great features contained in a standard Profoto light, with their zooming head, and mounting system that works for all current ProfotoUSA lights.


As for right now, Profoto has announced that this light is available as soon as it reaches stores, but no price point has been officially announced.  We'll keep you updated for when ProfotoUSA releases more information.


Profoto B1 500 is available for Pre-Order on B&H Photo for $1,995.

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Don't quit your day job Robbie

price is 2000$ .... 400$ for the remote.

Robert Herrera's picture

This is great... if I had the budget for it. But for two grand, I rather buy better glass or more flashes for creative lighting set up.

Great review! I have an old set of Profoto studio lights they are work horse and heavy. I do have one question as owner of Canon wireless 600EXRT flashes, can you mixes different setting for three lights. EX: A set - Manual, B set - TTL, C set Manual as my Canon flashes can do but lack of the power to out power the sun. I will be really interested to see a portrait shoot when the light is 20 feet away and over power the sun.

Innovation? I don't consider a strobe with batteries anything mind blowing. Especially for $2000+.
Basic features as any other strobe, now it mounts a battery instead of dragging it.

I rather stick with 6+ Speedlites 600s. Imagine the fun lighting you can play with? At least this has some innovation built into it.

Lee, No AC power? Even worses! Sorry, no thanks!

I agree, it is not mind blowing. The price is around what I expect it to be. The cost of a few highend speedlites or a Quantum with batteries and remotes puts it in this price range.

I wouldn't be surprised to see an AC option. I'm sure you can buy additional batteries as well.

How are you going to fit 6 speedlites into a beauty dish?

Vladimir Ladev's picture

I have a question: Does it feature a reagular cable option for an external battery pack or to plug it straight to the wall or it is solely dependant on Li Batteries?

Basically not bad for outdoor shootings. However for $2000 (!) I can get better value from similar products.

There are no similar products. Does your Einstein have full TTL?? Is it wireless??? Idiot...

Any information about the weight of the B1 lamp?

Just read the brochure. 3kg

I'll stick with my Einsteins, thank you.

Having said that, it does look pretty (as most Profoto gear does).
And I like the LED modeling lights. Hopefully we'll start seeing that a lot more in the future.

Einsteins!! LOL, you and all the clickin' moms....

It's quite nice.. but I don't think I'm going to have $12,000 to spend on this.

silas middleton's picture

The fact the B1 cant even use a pocketwizard is a complete joke.
Yes, in slave mode it can see other flashes, but I dont want to have to fire off another light to make the B1 fire. This really needs to be updated so the B1 has more usability as I want to use it for both the Canon TTL, and sometimes on a Hassleblad etc. Not even to mention that some earlier literature suggested the remote would accompany the B1. -.- Disgruntled. I sold off all my alienbee stuff to enter this field. *sighs with regret until I can afford the ridiculously priced remote* (2nd mortgage) In addition, definitely an AC adapter is needed. *insert regret here*