Last Day To Save 100 Bucks On The Ultimate Guide To Newborn Photography

Last week PRO EDU launched the Ultimate Guide To Newborn Photography and it's been a huge hit for photographers and new moms. Tomorrow is the very last day to save 100$ on the most comprehensive natural light newborn photography, lighting, business, pricing, and post production tutorial in the world. If you were ever considering adding this genre of photography to your services then this may be the wisest investment you will ever make for your career. 

What People Are Saying So Far About The Tutorial

I'm soooo happy my husband bought me the tutorial!!! I can't stop watching the videos and learning from the Best! Stephanie Williams Cotta thank you for all your hard work and knowledge, you have inspired me to be the best that I can be. Before this tutorial, I didn't feel confident to do a newborn shoot. After this amazing tutorial I could honestly say that you have given me the confidence I couldn't see in myself to do it! I have decided to pursue my photography career. I can't thank you enough! Blessings

Stephanie Cotta there are not enough words to thank you for sharing all your wonderful knowledge and professionalism. You are just amazing!!   THANK YOU!!!

LOVE the videos and the flow posing guide. I brought it with me today to my newborn session and I felt way more organized and knew exactly which pose I was going to next. I felt less dependent on switching out props and focused more on transitioning to different poses. Today I did not touch the baby's back, I held his shoulders the entire time, and massaged his fingers flat; not sure if he was just a really good baby...or if a few of these tips really changed my session. 

"All I can say is WOW. Stephanie Cotta's Ultimate Guide is like nothing I have ever seen before! Definitely the best Newborn Guide on the market today. She is giving away her secrets all-in-one-place, its truly amazing. She touches on everything you could ask for a in a posing guide and much much more. The best part? She shows you posing in several different set ups, so you see her do each and every pose more then once and in real time! You see the babies wiggle and fuss and she how she soothes and connects with them to have a successful session. Editing is even covered-again more then once. There are no words to describe this guide, its really incredible. Every photographer interested in newborn photography needs this guide. Its a MUST have!" 

This is phenomenal! It’s so much more than just posing. It’s also editing, her thought processes, her guide, the list goes on. It’s a very long and detailed video series, but I think it’s for the best. For those that are new, it allows them to see and understand how long some of the processes take. For those of us more at an advanced level, it reminds us that babies are human. Babies don’t all go right into the pose the first time and that we have to practice practice practice. What an amazing tutorial!

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What Included In the Tutorial?

4.5 Hours of Video Content

Photo Shoot Video Chapters - 110 Minutes

Part 0- Welcome To The Tutorial
Part 1 - The Studio Setup
Part 2 - The Hands Together Pose
Part 3 - The Side Stretch Pose
Part 4 - Transitioning to Prop Shot pt I
Part 5 - The Side Folded Arms Pose
Part 6 - The Prop Shot pt. II
Part 7 - The Chin Up Pose
Part 8 - The Side Chin Up and Line Em Up Pose
Part 9 - The Bottoms Up Pose
Part 10 - Side Stretch Pose Baby II
Part 11 - The Prop Shot Pose pt. III
Part 12 - The Chin Up Pose
Part 13- The Prop Shot Pose IV
Part 14 - The Wrap Shot
Part 15 - Shoot Macro

Interview With Stephanie Cotta - 40 Minutes

Rob Grimm sits down with Stephanie Cotta to discuss influences, motivation, inspiration, portfolios, and the business of newborn photography. In this 45 minute interview Stephanie talks about getting started, her work, and maintaining a the newborn brand she has carefully crafted over the past 4 years.

2-Day Workshop - 45 Minutes

Come on location to one of Stephanie Cotta's live workshops as she photographs 5 day old babies. The workshop footage is taken over the course of 2 days and gives you the best in her advice, questions from participants, lighting guides, camera settings, composition tips, and the secrets behind posing a newborn and completing an entire session in 45 minutes or less. Stephanie's 2-day workshop alone retails for over $1,200 if you were to attend. Stephanie's 2-day workshop retails for over $1,200 and we've included some of our favorite parts from the video.

Culling, Selection, & Retouching - 75 Minutes

Watch Stephanie divulge her entire workflow in Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photoshop with her traditional selection process, culling, actions used, and photoshop retouching that allow her to build such stunning galleries. This section will allow you to cut down your time in post processing while drastically increasing the quality of your work. In this screen capture, watch Stephanie make every brush stroke for cleaning babies skin, sharpening, color correction, and everything needed to make your newborn images perfect.

Business Audio Podcast -  55 Minutes

In this audio podcast centered around the business of establishing your pricing, booking clients, and building a clientele. In this audio only podcast, Stephanie Cotta, Rob Grimm, and Gary Martin sit down to discuss Stephanie's strategy for growth into the market, establishing pricing, knowing when to raise prices, building your products, business planning, SEO, her recommendations on starting out today, and utilizing free advertising on Facebook to build and propel your brand.

Interactive Posing Guide For iBooks and PDF version for Tablets- 85 Pages

We took all of the information we learned from Stephanie's posing and lighting and created the most in-depth and visually interactive posing guide for use in iBooks. With our step-by-step methodology on posing the newborn in a strategic way, you will be able to complete at least 14 different poses for baby within a 45 minute period. Stephanie has spent years hand crafting her technique and posing order and has her photo shoots down to a science that you can learn.


Recommended Gear and Props Section -

We've gathered your ideal startup kit and have put together a group of 10-25% off coupons that will save you hundreds of dollars on adorable props, hats, blankets, baskets, and other adorable props. These discounts are unique to your tutorial and will give you direct access to the best gear and props in the industry carefully handpicked from Stephanie Cotta over the last 4 years. In addition you will get a look at the gear that Stephanie Cotta uses to capture her newborns.


PRO EDU is dedicated to producing impactful tutorials in photography and photoshop that assist you in building your successful photography business. We work with the some of the most talented and successful photography and photoshop professionals in the world to bring you the most concise and thorough video tutorials on the market. We are currently in production of new tutorials and will be periodically releasing these in-depth guides. Sign up for our mail
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