Mike Kelley's Where Art Meets Architecture 2

How To Photograph Luxury Homes and Advanced Photoshop Techniques

Fstoppers has teamed up again with architectural photographer Mike Kelley to produce a second installment of Mike's highly acclaimed educational series on real estate and interior photography.  In this new photography tutorial, Where Art Meets Architecture II:  How to Photograph Luxury Homes and Advanced Photoshop Techniques, Mike focuses on creating images used by architects, interior designers, and high end builders.  The goal for this new educational tutorial is to teach you how you can step up your photography game, produce images that are ready for publication in high end architectural and interior magazines, and gain the attention of high paying clients in the design and architectural market.  

The Locations

For this tutorial Mike wanted to not only photograph unique homes to show the different styles in architecture and design, but he also wanted to explore properties that were set in both urban and scenic locations. Throughout this 13 hour tutorial, you will see how Mike uses his techniques to photograph homes in Beverly Hills and Venice Beach, Los Angeles as well as the exotic and beautiful lava fields and beach side cliffs of the Big Island of Hawaii.  From bright and airy homes to post modern vacation getaways, this tutorial explores multiple genres of architecture and design so you can see how Mike tackles common problems he faces in a variety of locations.  

Learn On Location Shooting Tricks and Techniques

Each of the 21 lessons included in this tutorial feature Mike working through real world problems on location. Whether it is lighting dark interior furniture, controlling hot spots caused by the sun, finding a solid composition in a narrow bathroom, or dealing with challenging weather at sunrise, each lesson sheds light on the exact steps Mike uses on a regular basis to produce his signature look. From light painting and bracketing to tilt shift stitching and incorporating the "human element," each architectural location produces a unique backdrop to learn how Mike tackles this exciting genre of photography.

Follow Along in Photoshop

If you are the type of person who learns best with hands on training, you are going to be excited to hear that we have included all the photos needed to follow along with Mike on every lesson. After you learn exactly how Mike photographs each home on-location, the instruction continues in the post production studio. Through extensive frame blending and photo manipulation, Mike Kelley walks you through every step he takes to turn a mediocre photo into an incredibly polished image ready for publication. Since you have all the same files as Mike, you can create your own stack of images in Photoshop and follow along, step by step, perfecting your own post production skills.  Whether it is complex cloning, fixing strange color casts, changing textures with frequency separation, replacing skies with luminosity masks, or understanding different blending modes, this tutorial is packed with some of the most complex Photoshop techniques Mike has ever shared.  

Below are a few examples of some of the before and after images taught in this tutorial:

Digital Download Delivery

Like all of the photography tutorials in the Fstoppers Store, Where Art Meets Architecture II is a digital download. This means that the second you make your purchase, you will receive links in an email to instantly begin downloading each file from this tutorial. Each file is unlocked and ready to be synced to your favorite device so if you enjoy watching these tutorials on your laptop, phone, mobile tablet, desktop computer or HD television, you can seamlessly stream this tutorial anywhere, anytime.  

Some Things Mike Covers In This Tutorial:

  • Finding the Best Composition in a Room
  • Understanding 1 and 2 Point Compositions
  • Taking Advantage of a Tilt Shift Lens
  • Light Painting with Strobes and Hot Lights
  • Staging Furniture and Improving Design Details
  • How to Create Mood and Emotion in a Space
  • 6 Unique Sky Replacement Techniques
  • Mike's Latest Gear Guide and Equipment List
  • Stitching Wide View Twilights
  • Adding the "Human Element" to Spaces
  • Working with Scrims, Flare, and Subtractive Lighting
  • Using the Sun to Create Geometric Shapes in Architecture
  • Shooting at Sunrise, Mid Day, and Twilight

Bonus: 8 Behind The Scenes Episodes

In typical Fstoppers fashion, our behind the scenes cameras continued to roll after each photography lesson had wrapped up. All of this footage that never made the actual tutorial has been edited down into a full 8 episode behind the scenes series.  Follow Mike Kelley and the entire Fstoppers team in this hilarious documentary that showcases everything that went into planning and producing of Where Art Meets Architecture II.  

What's Included in This Download:

  • 13 Hours of content in 32 videos (22GB total, 1080p 23.98fps h.264 mp4 files) 
  • Complete overview of Mike's gear, lighting, and grip equipment
  • 23 Photo Lessons with all images needed for editing
  • Bonus Intro to Photoshop Lesson for Mike's Workflow
  • Access to a new secret facebook group for further learning
  • 8 Brand new behind the scenes episodes of the Making Of
  • Unlimited digital download renewals

*All refunds are outlined in our terms of service.

Download this 13 Hour Tutorial Now

Two Additional Tutorials!  

This tutorial is part 2 of a 3 part series Fstoppers has made with Mike Kelley. It is MUCH more advanced than Where Art Meets Architecture 1. If you are just getting started with real estate photography, lighting, and post production, we highly recommend watching WAMA 1 first, but we have also bundled all of the tutorials in this series at a discount if you want to learn everything Mike has to teach.  

View the sales page for WAMA 1 Here.

View the sales page for WAMA 3 Here.

*No refunds allowed for bundle purchases.

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Previous comments

My question is specifically directed at those that have worked with BOTH tutorials. Is there any real value to the part 1 if you purchase part 2 or is there plenty of unique material in both? Would appreciate a timely response as I'd like to make the purchase during the Black Friday sale. Thank you!

Patrick Hall's picture

If you have part 2 and can follow along easily then part 1 is probably going to be too simplified. If you have never attempted architectural photography or if you have minimal gear (1 speed light and a basic tripod) then WAMA 1 is definitely the place to start.

I think for a lot of photographers, WAMA 2 was the natural progression from 1 because Mike has tweaked his style a bit over the years and part 2 starts off way more advanced than 1 probably ever got even towards the final lessons.

xavier leonti's picture

hi there
i have watched some videos and i have a question, hopefully some can answer me ^^
When Mike send the shoots from aperture to photoshop, they open in .PSD
i dont use Aperture but lightroom and when i open in photoshop, they still come in raw
so what s the trick ? and i guess not worth shooting in raw for this kind of photos ?

thanks a lot

Patrick Hall's picture

Which tutorial are you referring to? I believe Mike used Aperture in WAMA 1 but he only gave you files for one of the images to work along with. In WAMA 2, Mike gives you all the jpegs to work along with but he used Lightrom exclusively since Aperture has sort of fallen to the wayside.

Mike most definitely shoots in RAW but because we wanted to include all the files for WAMA 2 we decided to give you the jpegs because 100+ raw files would have been gigs and gigs of extra material.

I hope that answers your question.

Hi Mike. I just got done with your tutorial and thought I would leave my 2 cents.

I was a little sceptical if I would still learn very much as I have already done a course with you this year in Dubai (which was really good). I really like your work so I figured, even if I wouldn't learn that much, I could at least give my support by buying this tutorial. I am rally glad I did. There were still so many things I learnt from the WAMA2!, especially on the photoshop side. I can still hear you saying "File....scripts....load files into stack" in my sleep :). The different locations and setups were selected fantastically and really gave an insight into other situations. I like how you showed the other images to get a feel of how shooting from different perspectives really changes the entire image. I will defiantly be rewatching some episodes to get that extra practice and inspiration.

The behind the scenes where a great bonus from all the guys and made me want to join. Looked like a lot of fun. If you ever need a helping hand in the Dubai area, you know where to reach me ;)

Keep up the good work Mike and everyone from Fstoppers!

Steve Tsai's picture

I feel this is hands down the best tutorial I've ever purchased (or the best gear money can buy for that matter.) There was no holding back of any process and the insight from real shoots make it way more relevant than what a school course could do. Plus you can watch it over and over - a great investment and you get what you pay for 100%! The pro tips for shoots and post work will save hours in future projects to come! Honestly I have to say this course changed my life and will refine someone's craft immensely.

Glyn Parry's picture

Thank you Mike. Wow I've learnt so much already and I'm only up to season 14. Whilst the photography tips are first class Mike has taught me so much in Photoshop. For anyone wishing to improve and increase their Architectural photography and PS skills this is a must buy. Well done FStoppers for bringing us these tutorials at excellent value.

Gary Matson's picture

I am self taught as an AP. I owned a design firm for years and fell back in love with Photography with the 4x5 view camera 20 years ago. I have attended 5 week long location centered AP workshops and have learned from some of the best. Continuing one's education is vital but spending 2500-3500 and up per week is a steep price to pay. Granted there are other benefits in the travel and meeting others whom you are likely to learn as much from as the instructor ... but I cannot spend that amount of money at once and be away for a week, You also don't have a 100 % documentary of everything you have learned to refer to ..... Mike is smart young and energetic , he is comfortable in front of the camera and knows not only his photo stuff but he understands design which is vital .... again vital. He should thank his parents .... they did a great job .... he thinks of others ... is fair minded and cares ... cares. I have met lots of people who have been willing to share their knowledge ... it is an unselfish thing to do. I know Mike is making money doing this but he wants to see the "art" of AP grow and become more specialized and of a higher quality. He also knows that anyone can take the same equipment, location and timing and get a completely different result. I have enjoyed following his work and progress ..... Thank you Mike for sharing. I am looking forward to another tutorial on more commercial projects ... they are very different. I cannot imagine regretting this investment .....

Michael Tree's picture

Just purchased WAMA 2 & 3 - looking forward to it.

Erich Sinzinger's picture

I would like to know if you sell this tutorial to europe (austria) to companies with tax-nr. without tax and how much it would cost.
thanks in advance

I don't understand. This is a digital download so anyone in the world can buy it and instantly start watching it and you won't be charged any tax.

Erich Sinzinger's picture

ok, understand. that means 299,- is the price without tax (net cash) due to the fact it is digital download. means: 299,- is without american tax?

Hi, I'm trying tu buy this from Argentina but I can't, it says the transaction couldn't be completed, error. It's only for U.S or should I be able to buy it from Argentina? Please let me know!! Thanks!!

james thompson's picture

Hi, do the Tutorial prices include sales tax? I ask as I bought a tutorial from Creative Live and the bill was much higher than i expected, thanks.

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