Nikon Announces the Nikon D610

Nikon Announces the Nikon D610

The rumor mills have been buzzing, and Nikon has finally answered the rumors with the announcement of the Nikon D610. The main upgrade for the D610 is the shutter mechanism, after addressing the “oil-like leak” on the sensor from the D600 model. Other enhancements include a small jump in burst speed, and some new weather sealing advancements.

Specs of the Nikon D610 -
Sensor: 24.3 MP (6016 x 4016 in L mode)
ISO range: 100-6400
AF: 39 focus point, 9 cross type, 33 point available at f/5.6
Viewfinder coverage: 100%
TTL exposure metering using 2,016-pixel RGB sensor
Video recording capabilities: 1920 x 1080 30p/25p/24p
LCD screen: 3.2", 921k dots
Battery: EN-EL 15, using the same MB-D14 battery grip
Dimension: 141 x 113 x 82 mm
No Built-in GPS or Wi-Fi capabilities
6fps (compared to 5.5fps in the D600)

It seems the only difference besides the fix of the shutter is the increased frame rate (from a previous 5.5fps on the D600 to 6fps on the D610) and weather sealing comparable to the Nikon D800 camera body. Judging by the minimal changes, you can expect to see the now obsolete D600 bodies to start hitting retirement soon.

Fstoppers Nikon D610 1

Fstoppers Nikon D610 2

Fstoppers Nikon D610 3

Fstoppers Nikon D610 4

For those looking for a lot more detail, you can read more at
The Nikon D610 is available for purchase at B&H Photo, and for only $2000 MSRP, which is less than the D600 originally sold for. [Nikon D610 Body Only] [Nikon D610 w/ 24-85mm Lens] [Nikon D610 w/28-300mm Lens] [Nikon D610 w/24-85mm and 80-300mm Lenses]
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What I would really need in terms of technological improvement from Nikon would be a sensor with a high dynamic range so I can stop having to shoot HDR every so often. More megapixel is not the thing to race for, better sensor dynamic range is what we need.

A live histogram that appears in the view finder BEFORE I take a picture would be a great enhancement too. Some much cheaper cameras have it and it's a good thing.No more test shot to see the histogram, you'd get it right in the view finder.

would i buy that as a upgrade if i had the D600.. Hell no!

Im more pissed about the weather sealing enhancements. I can send it away and get the oil spots fixed but I would be interested to know if they would seal it up some more too.... When you buy technology you accept its always going to be superseded, but to find it superseded within a few months because the original model was faulty is just wrong... they should offer a recall on D600`s, thats how a manufacturing fault on a car would work.

Your statement does not make sense
"Judging by the minimal changes, you can expect to see the now obsolete D600 bodies to start hitting retirement soon." If no or little improvement with the new camera why would anybody sell their d600. It seems like you pre wrote this post before the camera was even introduced.

Zach Sutton's picture

This camera is a direct replacement to the D600. It was built and manufactured with the dirty sensor problem of the D600 in mind. Think of this camera more as a replacement to that than an actual new product. That is why you'll see the D600 falling off the grid soon

thanks for reply I just look at them as the same camera. except the old one will be a $1600 for refurb so I think it will still be sold for some time if the refurb fixed the issue. why pay $2000 for same product.

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Refurbished D600 are the hottest FX deals going on right now. If I was in the market now for this, I would get a D600 refurb and put the extra money you save from buying the D610 on a real lens, instead of that dismal 24-85mm thing that has no business calling itself a lens.