Nokia Busted Faking Mobile Phone Footage With A Stabilized Camera System

Earlier today news broke out about Nokia and their Lumia 920 simulation video not being exactly forthright. The video before the shameful reveal had no indication that it wasn't filmed with the actual product that it was marketing. When  users got their hands on the video they quickly noticed that the reflection in the video is not of a person filming with a mobile phone on a bicycle, but of a man in a van with what looks to be at least a DSLR sized camera with what seems to be some type of Gyro-stabilization system.

Nokia has released an official apology on their blog stating  that they never meant to mislead people and that the video was only meant as a 'representation of OIS'. I believe Nokia wasn't expecting to be caught with their pants around their ankles and were rushing to rectify the situation. Check the video starting at 0:27 and watch the reflection closely. How do you feel about Nokia's 'slip'? Will this deter you from trusting the company or are you willing to let the mishap slide? Comment below and let us know.

Via: Reddit

Update: One of our readers shared this very funny meme on the subject of Nokia's indiscretion and we just had to share. Thank you, Mikko Laitinen.

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So what really caught my attention was what kind of hipster rides a "fixie" with a freeride sprocket?? The commercial is full of all kinds of deceptions!

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OH hey, look what was on Reddit yesterday.

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not sure what the anguish is all about. The motion shots are a BTS of the phone taking photos. Big woop. When you whatch a BTS of Annie Leibovitz shooting , does that imply that Annie is also running the BTS camera? Really? Are iPhone commercials shot on iPhones? When Bloom did his first shot of a 5D doing video was the BTS shot with a 5D? Are Ford commercials shot from another Ford? Are we interweb users really that naive? Welcome to marketing 2012. And yes, I woudl buy a Nokia running Windows when it is available.

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Not BTS, The clips and stills clearly say OIS ON, so they claim to be taken with the phone, which they're not. Simply lying.

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of course they cheat. everyone does! and everyone knows it - if you work in commercial photography/video industry. any visual commercial work have only one purpose - to sell the product. and nothing else. customer may care about it, but professionals should care about other stuff... like why nobody discusses how nokia could use such an unprofessional crew that did not care about reflections and shadows? shame on the crew, not on the nokia :)

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I saw this video when it was released and was seriously impressed by the OIS technology, was gutted when I saw it was faked, they just need to produce the same video again but actually with the phone, because even if it gets close, that's pretty decent!

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Yeah, and in that beer commercial they dont use real beer! And do you know why? Same reason they dont use real fat on the dishes on that other commercial. And they used white paint instead of milk on that other one. Because it is a commercial. It has to LOOK good. Nobody is complaining. It is not about telling the truth but to promote a new product. So shut up and go buy an iphone. 

Cheaters..... I feel bad for those people buying this phone for their "special" features.

I Dont see anything wrong with this...... when they switch to the footage from the phone it looks like shitty phone footage which is what cells phones produce.

I wonder who'll have to balls to sue them.
Apple ?
Non-fair competitor tactics ?

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i belive were the first to point out the trickery. Reddit then from there dug deeper and found more.