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Pentax Releases First 645z Images

Pentax Releases First 645z Images

Pentax Japan has added a product page for the all new medium format 645z complete with snazzy marketing graphics and a full overview of all the specifications. What was all the more interesting to see however were the sample images they included. These are the first official images released by Pentax and they feature not only the 645z but also the much talked about all new 90mm f2.8 Macro lens.

The images included in the samples for the 645z have been shot using a variety of lenses. The 55mm, 90mm, and 80-160mm have all been chosen to showcase the new cameras capabilities. All the images are straight out of the camera and were shot in Super Fine JPEG format so we can and should expect an even greater level of detail from the RAW files. Pentax has also chosen to showcase some of the included color filters available in this camera, such as Bleach Bypass.

You can view all the images here. What are your thoughts?



via [Pentax Japan]

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Mike Kelley's picture

I think I want one. How can I get some tilt shifts on this thing?

Graham Marley's picture

If I wasn't paying for a wedding this year, I'd be paying for one of these things. 2015 is going to be fun.

Tim Wilson's picture

My thoughts exactly Mike. Apparently Hartblei makes them for the 645 mount.

Mark Davidson's picture

Yes but.... the lenses one can use are generally too long for architecture.

Jon Sharman's picture

Would like to see some shot wide open or stopped down just a stop or two first.

Matthew Odom's picture

ooooooooh yeeeeeeeea 2015 looking good !

Timothy Jace's picture

Where's the video samples???

Dan Chippendale's picture

Yep, they're photos alright

LOL_Cool_J's picture

Smudgy details.

Tzous's picture

i cant see any superb details i see only megapixels

Mark Dollan's picture

I think ex-pic-1 and ex-pic02 have amazing quality and detail even compressed into a jpeg, however, the rest are just kinda meh. I think Ricoh/Pentax need to release the RAW images so we can judge quality in a little more detail! Interested in buying a medium format but would be nice to compare against an H3D for example!

Anonymous's picture

Does anyone know where I can get the « exact » same background as in the first image?

Igor Butskhrikidze's picture

hm...i thought its just painted wall

Anonymous's picture

You're right, here it's a wall.

But I saw a similar concrete background in a recent shoot for VF...
I hope someone knows where I could get this.

Anonymous's picture

Thanks Igor, I will take a look

Chad Andreo's picture

It looks like an oliphant backdrop to me.

Anonymous's picture

Thanks! I never heard of this before

Igor Butskhrikidze's picture

where is volume? not impressed...

Timothy Jace's picture

There's also no audio out :(

Anonymous's picture

It's nice to have physical buttons to operate the camera, but these are all over the place.

Design has an important place in the conception of a camera, If you take a Hasselblad H...D it fits nicely into the hand and it's easy to operate.

This camera looks more like a big old-school gadget, despite the fact that the produced images look "great".

I'm not sure if it will sell to Phase One and Hasselblad owners, but certainly to other consumers who want to go MF.

My thought is, if they want to sell this thing to a lot of people, they need to hire a Apple or Audi designer.

Origamy's picture

Sorry, but to a Pentax 645 user like me (I also use Mamiya and Fuji), the design is just perfect, it would feel like coming home.

If you want a camera designed by Audi or Apple, just have a look at the new Leica compact that's been leaked (which is actually designed by Audi -- so your wish fulfilled). If you have ever held Leica's D-Lux or C-Lux cameras you would know that the Apple aesthetic is a terrible, terrible idea for a thing that you want to hold in your hand. There's a reason why most iPhones I see are encased in sticky, rubbery, non-sleeky and aluminy stuff.

Anonymous's picture

Sure if it suits you, then it's fine.

If I'd shoot Pentax, I would have had other thoughts about this new Pentax (probably).

I'm just telling my thoughts about this "big swiss army multifunction MF Pentax".

Leica's D-Lux or C-Lux are not comparable, because not MF..
But I got your point.

Spy Black's picture

I don't know about Audi, but I have yet to see something designed by Apple that has any semblance of ergonomics or common sense.

Metalurgico Rubberized's picture

I'm not thinking in buying a digital camera but looking at this images my Pentax 67II looks like an upgrade.

Sean Shimmel's picture

Nothing about these says medium format. I'd be equally excited about more thoughtfully planned images from an aging D80 or Rebel.

James Nedresky's picture

I share your sentiments. Yet anyone who really needs an expensive super-high resolution medium format camera knows why their clients demand it, and this is probably a great camera.
As for the shot of the musician, I'll take Jim Marshall's shots from the 60's and 70's shot with his Leica anyday! Regardless of format.

J H's picture

i've no prior experience with Pentax I can only base my assumptions off stats and the amazing work ive seen from international pro's who used the k5. It's most definitely no replacement for a Mamiya or other high end digital back but it sounds like a nice camera. Personally a Leica S is a camera I drool over but could never afford.

Tobias Solem's picture

These scaled down, compressed JPEGS tell no one anything useful. Well, apart from that its a camera and it's probably from 2010+ ... looking at this: - I'm not impressed, looks pretty soft/blurred to me.

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