Sign Contracts Electronically for Free with SignNow

When I need to send a contract out to a bride or other photography client I never have a stamp. Which makes the document sit on my desk till I finally force myself to swing by the post office (which is never a happy place). Well now there is a website that can help you bypass the mail and hopefully speed up the contract signing process.

For the past couple of months I have been using the website SignNow to digitally deliver and sign my contracts. It is a fairly simple process that you can even do on your mobile device. Let me show you some of it's features.

SignNow is as simple as any web based app. I have a generic wedding contract written up in a Word doc. I replace the brides name and enter the amount that I am charging for the event. I then log into my Free SignNow account and upload the document. I enter the brides email address and she is invited to digitally sign the document via the website. She may also use the text box tool and enter other information that is added to the contract.



Once she has signed the document digitally I get an email informing the contract has been signed. The documents are stored on SignNows website for future reference  You can also download the document and store yourself.



I high recommend you at least give SignNow a try. The free account has not given me any limitations so far. With a paid account you can send more contracts and also have your templates managed by the website. It cuts the extra step of having to fill out the form in a word processing program. The website also has a couple of legal forms, like bill of sale, that you can use to for a needed contract. Let us know how it works out.


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Michael Kormos's picture

We used to use, but after speaking with out attorney we simply have customers type their name into our legal form. U.S. ESign Act of 2000 makes electronic signatures legally binding, so using premium services which let you "sign" with your computer mouse is a bit of an overkill. And wIth those big accounts, a pen and paper is still preferred, as is the personal service :-)

I've used SignNow for a while now. They promised to always have the basic signing features for free. That is why I use it. I don't need the premium service.

It appears that they have broken their promise even in the brief time since this article was written. You can still have a free account and sign documents, but you can no longer send documents to somebody else to be signed without buying a premium account.

In other words, it is no longer "free" for anything useful. I can attach a signature on my computer without using their service.

The ability to send the document to others is what mattered.

No longer free.

I wouldn't mind so much, except they promised. You can still see some of their promises posted in the support area. Maybe those will be taken down soon.

Zoe Larkin's picture

Ha! Big surprise, it's 2017 now and SignNow is a paid-for only platform. The most basic package is $5 a month which is a good price, but a heads up there is no free level of service, just a free trial which consists of one document.

Ryan Mense's picture

I wouldn't say paid-for ONLY. I use it every now and then for simple things, as recent as a few days ago, and have never paid anything.