The SLR Lounge Lightroom Workshop Collection 5


Welcome to the Lightroom Complete Workshop Collection 5. This a followup for our popular and well-reviewed educational system, the Lightroom 4 Workshop Collection. With this set, you will receive the following Digital Downloads all bundled into one package:


1. Lightroom Organization and Workflow v5 Workshop

2. Lightroom Image Processing Mastery v5 Workshop

3. Lightroom Preset System v6


With hours of comprehensive education along with the most powerful Lightroom Preset System available, the Lightroom Workshop Collection contains all of the education and tools needed for any photographer (of any experience level) to run a full studio using Lightroom.

Sample Images from the Workshop Collection

Here are just a few of the images that we’ll work through in the collection.


 Before Before Before

 Before Before Before Before Before Before

Still not sure if this collection is for you?  Check out what Aaron Nace of Phlearn has to say about this powerful collection of Lightroom presets and workflow education in the video below:



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Jason Restich's picture

Initially I was interested in your "Fstoppers Intro to Lightroom: The Ultimate Crash Course" but after seeing this i am thinking i might go with this tutorial. What is the differences between the two? I'm familiar with photoshop and know the basics but i just downloaded the Adobe suites and have never used Lightroom before. I'm familiar with basic photo editing but would like to learn a more professional work flow to organize and achieve cleaner images. Which would you suggest? Thank you!