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Six Easy Camera Tricks for Better Videos

Everyone wants to shoot better videos, and as we all know, it doesn’t require the best gear and the production. You can even spice up your videos by using simple tricks during the shoot and the editing. The well-known YouTube Channel, Cooph, shares six simple tricks that will make your videos more interesting and professional looking.

Eight Tips for a Fashion Catalog Shoot

If you have ever been assigned a full-day catalog shoot for a big retail brand, you probably know about the hectic process, especially if you are not working with a producer who deals with everything. Besides, a catalog shoot consists of innumerous steps from creating the concept to delivering the final images, and if you don’t have a producer ready for you, there are some steps that you need to consider before start shooting.

A Very Rare Genre: Medical Photography

After years of working in typical areas of photography, Eneil Simpson, has found his calling in a very surprising place: the operating room. As a former flight instructor, Simpson stumbled into very unique and rarely seen world of ophthalmic and surgical photography, after asking his eye doctor if he could sit in on and take an environmental portrait of him. This intended “one off”, resulted in further opportunities, as surgeons began to recommend him to their colleagues.

How to Overcome Creative Blocks in Your Photography

Best-selling Author Steven Pressfield is educating others on how to break through creative roadblocks with his novel “The War of Art.” After reading this inspiring book, Photographer Sean Tucker decided to make an online video to share his new insights about dealing with creative mind blocks with the world. Tucker's video focuses on the idea of overcoming personal resistance and overcoming negative internal monologues. By highlighting his own roadblocks and proposing solutions to counter-act them, Tucker is able to offer hope and encouragement to every photographer out there who is suffering from the inability to motivate themselves to get up and create.

How to Achieve Pure White Background Without Using Pen Tool

Shooting products against a pure white (255,255,255) background, can be achieved using the pen tool in Photoshop, but what if you want to find an alternative way to create the same stunning images, but without the hassle of spending so much time in post-production? Dustin Dolby from Workphlo, has created an insightful online tutorial which shows just how simple it can be to create this effect, with minimal gear and maximum time saved. With the help of a couple of speed lights, strategically placed white and black card and a kit lens, Dustin is able to demonstrate just how easy is can be to control and shape lighting, to achieve the desired effect.

Beware of the Recent Cyberattack and Protect Your Photo Archive

Yesterday a cyber attack hit corporations, governments, organizations, and home users as well, and according to the press, it keeps spreading around the globe. This cyber attack is a ransomware called "WanaCrypt0r 2.0" and it encrypts the data on Windows-based computers. This is quite terrifying for photographers too, as there is still a risk for those who work on Windows PCs and keep their photo archive on PC-mounted hard drives.

Is Wacom Making the Same Mistakes as Apple?

Wacom has renewed its Intuos tablet lineup with two new models, including the paper edition in medium and large sizes, while still offering the old Intuos Pro model in small size. The new design seems like bringing some novelty, but in fact, innovation might not be always safe. Because as a long time user, my disappointment was the same like the time Apple started ignoring its core users' needs.