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Michael Bonocore
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Articles written by Michael Bonocore

Fantasy Lighting in a Forest with Von Wong

Ever since Benjamin Von Wong took a leap of faith and left his successful career as a engineer to persue his artistic passions, he has kept a legion of die hard fans enchanted by his ability to turn the ordinary into epic. Whether it be organizing complicated pyrotechnics, photographing surreal scenes of ultraviolet models, or chaining models to a shipwreck 25 meters below the surface in Bali, Benjamin has never been interested in being ordinary. In his insanely creative mind, his thought process of "If it's not epic, than what's the point?" has led to some of the most memorable photoshoots in the last several years.

And the Drone Save Of The Year Goes To...

If you are a quadcopter owner like I am, you know how frustrating it can be when you are in the middle of a great flight and those red lights start flashing that warn the pilot of low battery. Usually the pilot will return the aircraft safely to their side before the impending doom occurs. Unfortunately, YouTube user Redphive didn't notice the warning lights while flying over the lake behind his home. All of a sudden, you see the drone start falling and the pilot start freaking out. At one point it looks...

Incredible Burning Man Time-Lapse Will Make You Wish You Were On The Playa

For those of us who didn't get to make it out to Black Rock Desert this week for the annual Burning Man Festival , we can now enjoy the experience virtually, thanks to the incredible new film Lake Of Dreams by Roy Two Thousand. Combining time-lapse, hyperlapse, and standard video, Roy, along with his second shooters, August Winkelman and Connor McNeill, give us a 7 minutes jaw dropping short film that will feel so real, you will be cleaning the sand out of your teeth for the rest of the afternoon.

Essential Night Landscape Photography Tips from Chris Burkard

Before I began writing for Fstoppers, I spent 18 months working for the photo sharing company SmugMug. While working at SmugMug had many perks, I don't think I enjoyed any of them more than being sent to Norway to assist in the making of the film, Arctic Surf. I was hand picked to tag along with the talented videographer Anton Lorimer as we detailed Chris Burkard's work of photographing surfers in the cold and rugged Arctic Circle. It was an incredible experience, in one of the most beautiful locations that I had ever visited. I even put together a Behind-The-Scenes photo journal of the trip.

One Photographer's Personal Portrait Of Robin Williams

The untimely passing of Robin Williams at the still-young age of 63 sent shock waves around the world last week. Based on the outpouring of love for "Mork" on social media, it was evident that no matter your age, Robin was most likely a fixture in your upbringing. His acting brilliance ranged from the side splitting comedy "Mrs. Doubtfire" to the chillingly dramatic roles in "Good Will Hunting" and "Dead Poets Society." Robin could do it all on screen, but could be even more entertaining off screen, when he wasn't tied down to a script. He would often explode into comedic rants that would include character after character, all seemingly without stopping to take a breath. There was no doubt that the man was brilliant.

The World Needs A Photographer Like You

That’s right. You! No matter what your skill level, there is a project in this world that is perfect for you. Are you going to get paid for this project? Nope! This one is going to be a freebie.

Now I know what you are thinking. "Whoa Whoa Whoa, stop the clock! You want me to work for free?”

Yes, that’s exactly what I want you to do. And here is why.