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Five Things to Think About Instead of Gear

If you're at all like me, your thought process when it comes to gear probably involves a constant battle in your mind between remembering that it doesn't matter as much as we pretend it does and drooling over that new body, because holy cow, it shoots so many frames per second and has enough dynamic range to shoot the sun and the inside of a dark cave in one exposure. Here are five things to think about instead the next time gear pops into your head.

Nikon Confirms Development of Mirrorless Camera to Compete With Professional DSLRs

Many Canon and Nikon users have been anxiously awaiting their respective companies to offer a truly professional mirrorless solution. With the Sony a9 taking aim at the top DSLRs, that clamor has only increased in intensity. A Nikon spokesperson has recently confirmed that the company is developing a mirrorless camera that "should compete in the mid-range and high-end DSLR [market]."

Three Easy Ways To Drive New Followers To Your Instagram For Free [Instagram Tips: Part 1]

Earning the right followers, the right way. In this article I'm excited to share three easy "techniques" that I've used to drive engagement and a stronger following on Instagram. These steps have stood the test of time while trying out different ideas through trial and error. You may know one of these techniques, you may know all of them. Nevertheless, let's get started!

The Fastest, Easiest Shortcut To Posting Hashtags on Instagram That You've Never Seen Before [Instagram Tips: Part 3]

Instagram is known as the consensus favorite app by photographers in today's age, but even with its name implying posting photos instantly, it's still a pain sometimes to post photos on-the-go at times. For Part Three of my Instagram series, I'll be sharing the absolute fastest method any user can adopt to spend less time posting Instagram photos and more time shooting!

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