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Mike Briggs
Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, GB

Articles written by Mike Briggs

Should You Tell Your Photography Clients About Your 9-to-5 Job?
There are numerous avenues to becoming a full-time professional photographer. For many aspiring photographers who seek a career change, the responsibilities of family and financial commitments mean that quitting your current 9-to-5 job to pursue this goal is not possible. So there will be a period of time that you start to take on paid photography commissions whilst you still work your 9-to-5. Should you tell your clients the truth: that you are a part time photographer? Or should you fake it till you make it? We examine the pros and cons of both sides.

Visiting Sir Elton John’s Dazzling Modernist Photography Collection

In 1990, Sir Elton John got sober and unknowingly began collecting one of the most significant private collections of photography in the world. He has collaborated with the Tate Modern to exhibit an extraordinary collection of photographs from the classic modernist period of 1920-1960. On a cold and wet Thursday afternoon in London, I went to see The Radical Eye exhibition for myself, and it didn’t disappoint.

Finding the Art in Music Photography

Music photography is a heavily saturated industry. With many emerging photographers happy to shoot for free to have their name associated with musicians, it has become very difficult to make a living by specializing in music. But there are a few pioneers who have risen amongst this heightened competition; this is the story of renowned music photographer Kana Waiwaiku.

Apple Launches a Thinner MacBook Pro With OLED Touch Bar

Since 2012, when the Apple Retina MacBook Pro’s introduction set a new standard for laptop displays and did away with the DVD drive, not much has changed in the way of your standard laptop — especially for Apple. Four years before that, Apple simply moved to the now-ubiquitous unibody design. But after well over a year since the last refresh, Apple is back with a generational update that millions have not-so-patiently awaited. It’s about time. Let’s jump right in with the newest features of the latest Apple MacBook Pro range.

Which Subscriptions Should I Pay For to Grow My Business as a DSLR Filmmaker?

As DSLR cameras become more capable in capturing high quality video, there is a temptation to add videography as a service to clients. But the learning curve from photography is videography is a steep one if you attempt to do this on your own, believe me, I tried! Whilst there are many free resources out there to help you grow as a videographer, I have found that by investing in the right subscription based services, your journey to professional filmmaker can be an enjoyable one.

Four Secrets for Shooting a Compelling Music Video on a Tight Budget

As a music video filmmaker, the juggling of tight budgets is a regular occurrence. Emerging artists often survive on a shoestring, so commissioning a music video director for their latest release is often their largest cost in their marketing campaign. Once a concept is decided, it then becomes my job to provide high production value for my client. Using one of my latest projects, "Youth Club - Sorry," as an example, here are the four secrets that will help create compelling music videos.