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The Benefits of Approaching a Shoot Without a Plan

Thomas Heaton continues to produce quality videos documenting his journeys as a landscape photographer. In this video, Heaton highlights the importance of occasionally approaching a shoot without a plan in place to keep his work interesting and to spark creativity. With this in mind, he ventures out early in the morning to a local beach to capture the sunrise and is able to come away with two amazing images.

How Having Your Photos Taken Will Make You a Better Photographer

I hate having my pictures taken. It’s common, but still ironic, to have a photographer who dislikes being on the other side of a camera. This fall, I made a promise to my wife that we would have our family photos taken and I was able to experience the entire process of hiring and working with a photographer. It wasn’t my intention to treat this as a learning opportunity, but now that all is said and done, I can say that I have learned a lot. Experiencing the client’s perspective, watching another professional operate, and the renewed perspective gained for what a photo is worth are among many things I came away with from our session.

Selling Stock Photography as a Wedding Photographer

Finding ways to earn passive income as a photographer is invaluable. In this field of work, our businesses often require a large amount of direct hands-on time. Selling stock photography, especially when you have the ability to simply upload images you have already taken in a minimal out of time, can add a great deal of value. The online tools that are available today allow you to turn photos that would otherwise have been worthless, or stored hidden on your hard drive, into pieces of art that have real monetary value.

Three Common Misconceptions of Beginner Photographers

Beginning the journey of learning to be a photographer is overwhelming. If you have no background in photography, you are learning a whole new world of terms and techniques from an abundance of information that is often confusing and conflicting. We’ve all been there. Most experienced photographers can often pinpoint common themes when comparing their own experience starting out with others who are now doing the same.

Capturing Beautiful Landscapes in Difficult Weather

If you are an outdoor photographer of any kind, bad weather is something that will eventually affect you. In his latest video, landscape photographer Thomas Heaton ventures out to the coast of Northern Ireland in rough conditions. He shares the benefits of shooting in bad weather, some tips for dealing with the outdoors, as well as the joy he finds in journeying through the wind and rain to get the image he wants.

Pholio: A Hard Drive to Rescue Your Photos from Digital Limbo

Pholio is a hard drive that is able to collect all of your photos and videos from multiple devices into one place and then index them using modern technology. Pholio claims that most of our personal photos are in digital limbo. What they mean by this is that between computers, phones, tablets, and hard drives, our photos are kept in multiple different places. In the abundance of photos stashed across several devices, users often will not be aware of, or are unable to find photos and videos that are important to them. Pholio was created to help solve this issue.

A Beginner’s Guide to Lightroom: Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I explained the basics of how Lightroom works, the best way to import your photos, and the different options you have when culling your images. In Part 2, I want to show you the essentials of the Develop module. This module is the area of Lightroom where you can color correct, crop, straighten, sharpen, and perform several other adjustments as well.

A Beginner’s Guide to Adobe Lightroom: Part 1

It is easy to feel overwhelmed with the many different features of Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom has so many possibilities, that even after years of using it, I still am consistently learning something new. I have found that there are so many new photographers who either feel too overwhelmed to start learning the intensive software, or they still aren’t confident that they have been using it correctly. Because of this, I wanted to create a simple beginner’s guide to using Lightroom. This is the first of what will be a multiple part series of articles on Lightroom basics.

Alien Skin Reveals Huge Upgrade to Upcoming Exposure X3

Alien Skin, creator of the award-winning photo editing software Exposure, recently announced the upcoming release of the newest version of its popular product, Exposure X3. If you are unfamiliar with Exposure, it is a non-destructive raw photo editor designed to be an all-in-one software for editing and organizing your photos. It is probably most well known for the hundreds of presets included in the software that can emulate analog film, as well as dozens of other modern styles.

How to Significantly Speed Up Lightroom

I love Lightroom. It is an amazing tool that is able to do almost everything that I need when I edit, and do so in an organized way. The one problem that we’ve all had with it though is the lagging speed that can be infuriating. This past year, I spent a considerable amount of time with one goal: to do anything I could to speed up my editing process. I can honestly say that after implementing the following tips, my Lightroom is running as fast as ever and I rarely notice the lag that would torture me before. Here is a step-by-step guide to what I did.

Costs to Consider When Opening a Studio Space

A little over a year ago, I came to a point of wanting to take the next step in growing my photography business. To me, opening a studio space made the most sense. The ability to have a dedicated place to work, meet clients, and sell prints out of, as well as wanting a way to make my business appear more legitimate, all factored in to why I believed a studio space was the next step. I recently finished up my first year of having a studio, and although it has been successful and definitely worth it, I wish I would have had a better idea of the costs you can forget about when budgeting for a space.

Three Editing Mistakes New Photographers Often Make

I find it interesting how often I see new photographers make the exact same editing mistakes I made when I started out. Every photographer who has at least a few years of experience can look back at some of their first sessions and find a number of things that they continually did wrong. I recently took a look at some sessions from my first year of photography, as well as asking a few other photographers to do the same, and continually found the same common issues.

Backlighting to Make Your Portraits Stand Out

In a world saturated with photography, you have to find ways to stand out. If you are able to put in the extra skill and effort to make something that is unique, it can quickly gain attention. Backlighting is one technique I use to accomplish this. Initially, backlighting seemed like a difficult task. Extra equipment, more work, and setting up stands and lights all made it so intimidating as a new photographer. Now that I am years in, I can honestly say that my backlit shots have captured more attention and sold more jobs than any other one thing in my business.