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8 Tools to Help You Improve Your Photography Business

If you want to be a successful photographer, it takes a lot more than being good with a camera and having creative ideas. All the most successful photographers are there because they understand how to run a proper business. If you are ready to revamp your approach in 2022, this awesome video will show you eight tools that will make you more efficient and productive and give you a better chance of finding success.

How Often Should You Change the Images in Your Portfolio

The end of the year is always a time to both make one final push to close the business year strongly and to reflect on the current state of affairs. As a photographer, it’s also a good time to look back on where you stand as an artist and where you still want to go.

How to Deal With Reflections in Glasses in Portraits

Lighting people is a difficult but important skill to learn, and an additional complication is introduced when your subject wears glasses. This great video will show you how to eliminate distracting reflections in your subject's glasses while still creating flattering lighting.

How to Retouch and Color Grade a Portrait Using Photoshop

Taking a great portrait is only half of what is required for a fully finished image: you need to have strong post-processing skills as well. This fantastic video will show you how to retouch skin, remove hair, and color grade a studio portrait using Photoshop.

How to Get Lots of Looks Out of Just One Lighting Setup

Artificial lighting can open up a wide world of creative possibilities and looks not possible with just natural light, but it can also be a bit tedious to work with when you have to set up more complex designs. So, why not maximize the number of looks you can get out of one lighting setup? This excellent video will show you how to get lots of different shots without changing the setup.

How to Take Stunning Indoor Portraits With Just Household Items

If you are currently stuck at home and looking for something to shoot, natural light portraits are a fantastic option, especially if you do not have any strobes or monolights in your house with you. This excellent video will show you how you can use items around your house and natural lighting techniques to take stunning portraits.

Five Tips on Working With Nude Models

If you are thinking about shooting nude models, there are a few extra things you want to consider beyond other photoshoots. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Should You Use the Different Metering Modes of Your Camera or Not?

Nearly every modern camera has different metering modes to measure the amount of available light. It is possible to measure the average across the image, or just a part of the image. Do you use all of these metering modes? Or is it better to limit the use to only one?

How to Retouch a Portrait From Start to Finish in Photoshop

Posing, lighting, and shooting a portrait is only half the process of creating a successful image. To create a truly polished photo, you have to have the retouching skills to match. This excellent video tutorial will show you the full process of editing a portrait using Photoshop.

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