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7 Things to Check When You Buy a Used Lens

Lenses are not cheap, and you can potentially save thousands of dollars by buying used, but of course, you assume certain risks in doing so. If you are thinking of buying a used lens, this helpful video will give you seven things to check to ensure that you get a high quality optic that will give you years of good performance.

Canon L Versus Sigma Art Lenses: Which Are Right for You?

Canon's L lenses are considered some of the best out there by many professionals, but they are also on the more expensive side of things. On the other hand, Sigma's Art lenses typically come in at about half the price of their Canon equivalents, making them an intriguing alternative for many shooters. How do they compare to their Canon counterparts? This great video takes a look at a few common focal lengths to answer that question.

This Is How Much Work It Takes to Make a YouTube Video

Consistently crafting compelling, professionally produced, and innovative YouTube content is no small feat, and you might be surprised by just how much work goes into even the smallest and most straightforward videos. This fascinating video takes a look behind the scenes at just what goes into making a YouTube video and the difficulties encountered along the way.

A Review of the Nikon D780 Camera

The Nikon D780 is fresh on the scene, and it brings with it a bevy of improvements and new features over its predecessor that are sure to intrigue a lot of Nikon shooters looking for a reasonably priced full frame camera that can handle a range of scenarios competently. If you are considering purchasing one, this great video review will tell you what you can expect.