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Light, Affordable, and High Quality: A Review of the Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 Di III RXD Lens

The 24-70mm f/2.8 zoom lens is the workhorse of choice for a wide range of photographers and videographers, offering a lot of versatility for different situations. Tamron's 28-75mm f/2.8 Di III RXD lens offers that versatility at a very affordable price and portable footprint. How does it hold up in practice? This great video review takes a look at what you can expect.

A Beginner's Guide to Using Lightroom

Lightroom is the program of choice for tons of photographers for cataloging and editing their photos, and it is a multidimensional application with a lot of different features and capabilities. If you are new to using Lightroom, this excellent video will show you the ins and outs of the important aspects of the application and have you up and running in no time.

Helpful Natural Light Home Studio Tips and Tricks

Most people start out their photography journey learning how to light their photos using natural light, and many photographers continue to use it for work at home, both because of its look and because it saves on space that might be tight wherever you live. If you enjoy working with natural light in your home studio, be sure to check out this great video with lots of helpful tips and tricks.

Fstoppers Photographer of the Month (August 2020): Emily Moore [NSFW]

The Fstoppers community is brimming with creative vision and talent. Every day, we comb through your work, looking for images to feature as the Photo of the Day or simply to admire your creativity and technical prowess. In 2020, we're featuring a new photographer every month, whose portfolio represents both stellar photographic achievement and a high level of involvement within the Fstoppers community.

5 Tips for Better Photo Edits

Shooting a good photo is only half of the equation for a compelling final image: your edit also has to work to have a finished product. This great video will give you five helpful tips to improve your edits and ensure that you are putting out the best images possible.