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Alex Cooke
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Articles written by Alex Cooke

The Creative Use of Color in Editing Photos

Editing is your chance to add your personal touch to an image, and perhaps nowhere is that more possible than the manipulation of color. This excellent video features two professional photographers discussing one's creative use of color to give his photos a strong identity and how you can apply the principles to your own photos.

Don't Be Afraid of Failure

Failure is something every creative has to deal with, no matter how talented they are or how far along they are in their careers. Whether it is rejection or a personal project that did not work out as expected, failure is something we will always deal with and something that we should learn to embrace.

Canon Gets Serious About Mirrorless Cameras With the Highly Powerful R5

Canon's mirrorless lenses have been lauded for their high quality and boundary-pushing designs, but their mirrorless cameras have generally seen mixed reviews for being a bit middle of the road and not challenging the likes of Sony. That is no more, as Canon has announced the development of the R5, with many firsts for the company and marquee features like 20 fps shooting and 8K video.

A Comprehensive Guide to Traveling as a Photographer

Traveling with photography gear can be rather nerve-wracking and a bit of a logistical nightmare. Fstoppers alumni Clay Cook wrote an ultra-comprehensive guide based on his extensive experience traveling for work, and he offers numerous tips and guidelines for helping you get to your destination and enjoy your trip as much as possible, while accomplishing all your professional goals.