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The Do-It-All Lens: A Review of the Tamron 28-200mm F/2.8-5.6 Di III RXD Lens

Tamron has been on a roll the last few years, producing highly popular lenses that offer great image quality at prices far below comparable first party options. Their latest lens, the 28-200mm f/2.8-5.6 Di III RXD for Sony E mount, offers an all-in-one solution for photographers looking for a single lens to handle a variety of scenarios, and as this great video review shows, it looks like the company has another winner on their hands.

Here's What It Takes to Take a Photo of Saturn

Saturn, the sixth planet from the sun, is a beautiful gas giant, well known for its iconic rings. However, it is almost unfathomably far from Earth, making it a challenge for any photographer wanting to take an image of it. This great video follows an astrophotographer as he tackles the challenge of creating a photo of the planet.

Can Luminar 4's AI Sky Replacement Beat Photoshop?

Replacing the sky in a photograph is traditionally a fairly tedious process, particularly if you are dealing with a complex structure consisting of things like tree branches and the like. However, Luminar 4 brought with it a new AI sky replacement tool that promised to drastically reduce the amount of time and effort that goes into the process. Can it hold its own with Photoshop? This great video pits them head to head to find out.