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Advanced Editing Techniques in Lightroom

Photographers generally think of Lightroom as the place to catalog their images and perform basic edits, while leaving Photoshop for the more advanced work. And while that is certainly a good general guideline, you might be surprised by just how much you can do in Lightroom. This great video will show you a range of more advanced editing techniques in Lightroom.

Sigma Is Focusing on Mirrorless Lenses From Now On

Sigma remade their image as a lens manufacturer by creating high quality, sharp DSLR lenses that undercut the prices of equivalent first party offerings. They have expanded into the mirrorless space with similar success, and now, the company has confirmed it will be focusing the majority of its attention on mirrorless developments in the future.

How to Shoot Landscape Photography in Bad Weather

When you see great landscape photos, you probably notice that most of them show scenes lit by gorgeous sun and graced by beautiful weather, but of course, the reality is that the weather does not always cooperate that much, and for many of us, it rarely does. This excellent video discusses the importance of embracing poor weather as a landscape photographer.