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Announcing the Fstoppers Community Photographer of the Year and Upcoming Awards for 2016: Win a Tutorial of Your Choice!

We're proud of the community we've built here at Fstoppers. We frequently spend a lot of time perusing your photos, admiring your talent and vision, and finding ways to feature it, whether that be in the Photo of the Day, on the official Fstoppers Instagram, or in other ways. Now, we've decided to honor the best of the best and we need your help!

Retouching Controversy Tarnishes a Photography Contest in an Unusual Genre

We've become quite accustomed to unpermitted retouching damaging the reputation of photography competitions. In particular, press photography is especially susceptible to this. Strict rules on maintaining the sanctity of reality combined with environments in which outside factors frequently affect the ability to achieve clean and pleasing competition often beget a strong temptation for photographers to doctor images. However, such manipulation has now become an issue in a genre in which one normally does have the luxury of time and compositional choice: architecture.

Instagram Quietly Testing Multiple Account Support on Android; Photographers Rejoice

In a move sure to delight photographers everywhere, Instagram has begun testing support for multiple accounts within the app. The ability to post and interact using separate accounts without having to resort to third-party solutions or logging in and out of the app has been highly requested for years. If this comes to fruition, it will represent a paradigm change in workflow for many mobile photographers.