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3 Common Portrait Photography Mistakes

No doubt, portrait photography takes the confluence of a lot of technical skills and creative ideas to be successful, and there are a lot of common mistakes we all make at one time or another. This excellent video details three common portrait photography mistakes and how you can avoid or fix them.

5 Helpful Tips for New Drone Users

Drones are more capable, portable, and affordable than ever, and they are a fantastic photography and filmmaking tool and simply a ton of fun to fly. Nonetheless, they take a different approach than using a normal camera. This helpful video will give you five tips for working with a drone for the first time.

How to Photograph in Bad Weather

Bad weather can be a pain to work in, but it can also yield powerful and unique images. Before you head out, though, there are a few things worth considering to make sure you can protect your equipment from the elements. This great video discusses both why you should consider photographing in bad weather and how to do it.

You're Missing Good Photos if You Avoid Bad Weather

Most of us do not enjoy being out in bad weather and would prefer to be outside when it is warm and sunny. But when it comes to photography, sometimes, good weather is boring and bad weather is far more interesting for creating compelling images. This fantastic video discusses why you might just want to grab your camera and head outside the next time the skies look moody or stormy.

Solutions to Common Photoshop Sky Replacement Issues

Photoshop's new automatic sky replacement tool is here, and it brings with it the promise of saving a ton of time and effort on a task that is traditionally rather tedious. But of course, no automated software is perfect, and you are bound to run into the occasional issue. This fantastic video tutorial will show you how to deal with the most common problems you might encounter when using the feature.