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You're Missing Good Photos if You Avoid Bad Weather

Most of us do not enjoy being out in bad weather and would prefer to be outside when it is warm and sunny. But when it comes to photography, sometimes, good weather is boring and bad weather is far more interesting for creating compelling images. This fantastic video discusses why you might just want to grab your camera and head outside the next time the skies look moody or stormy.

Solutions to Common Photoshop Sky Replacement Issues

Photoshop's new automatic sky replacement tool is here, and it brings with it the promise of saving a ton of time and effort on a task that is traditionally rather tedious. But of course, no automated software is perfect, and you are bound to run into the occasional issue. This fantastic video tutorial will show you how to deal with the most common problems you might encounter when using the feature.

Creating Uniquely Silky Fall Photos

Fall photography is by far one of the most popular subjects, and most often, photographers shoot it with an eye toward maximizing detail and nuance. Of course, however, that is not the only way to make fall images. This fantastic video takes a look at a different way of producing autumn photos that results in a silky, ethereal style.

How to Set Up a New Camera

Getting a new camera is always exciting, but as complicated and nuanced as bodies are these days, it is important to take a bit of time to set up the camera not only so it matches your preferences, but so it performs as you need it to. This fantastic video discusses all the things you should do to set up a new camera for photography work.

Is the Canon EOS R6 the Best All-Around Mirrorless Camera?

No doubt, the Canon EOS R5 is a fantastically powerful camera, but it is also on the more expensive side of things, and it might have more features than you actually need. The EOS R6 contains a lot of the advanced capabilities of its big cousin but comes in at a much more affordable price. Does that make it the best all-around mirrorless camera? This great video review takes a look at how the R6 holds up after a few months.

Is Canon's RF 85mm f/1.2L Lens Really Worth Four Times the Price of the RF 85mm f/2?

Canon's 85mm f/1.2 lenses have long been some of its most highly lauded and impressive optics, but along with that extreme design comes a high price tag. But Canon offers a much more affordable 85mm f/2 lens for its mirrorless cameras alongside the famous f/1.2, and that lens is only a quarter the price of its more extreme cousin. Is the f/1.2 worth that extra price? This great video compares the two to help you decide.

How to Fix Blown Out Highlights in Photoshop

Blown out highlights are a very common issue in a lot of genres, and they can be quite a distraction depending on the image. While it is true that once a highlight is blown, it cannot be recovered, you can perform some work in Photoshop to cover up the area and improve the final image. This great video tutorial will show you how to deal with blown highlights in Photoshop.

Versatile Zoom: A Review of the Canon RF 100-500mm f/4.5-7.1L IS USM Lens

The Canon RF 100-500mm f/4.5-7.1L IS USM lens is the mirrorless version of the highly popular EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II lens, and along with an extra 100mm of reach, it brings with it many other improvements as well. With such a versatile focal length range, it is sure to be useful to a lot of photographers, and this great video review will show you what you can expect from it in practice.

How to Take Better Photos of the Moon

The moon is a fantastic subject both by itself and as part of some sort of nighttime scene, whether that is a landscape, a cityscape, or even something like a wedding portrait. If you are wondering how to improve your own moon photos, this fantastic video tutorial will give you a wide variety of tips and tricks for better images.

How Good Is the New Fujifilm X-S10 Camera?

The Fujifilm X-S10 is the latest addition to the company's respected X Series line of cameras, and it features a lot of the latest tech, including 4K video and fast continuous shooting rates. How does it perform in practice? This great and comprehensive takes a look at the camera and what you can expect from it in real-world usage.