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Helpful Tips for Choosing Whether to Edit a Landscape Image in Black and White or Color

When you think of landscape photos, you probably think of rich, vibrant colors that pop off the screen. And while those can be fantastic, a black and white image can be just as compelling. This excellent video tutorial will give you a variety of tips as well as mistakes you will want to avoid when trying to decide whether to edit a landscape image in color or in black and white.

When Gear Gets in Your Way

No doubt, new gear is a lot of fun to play with, but it is not always a better thing. In fact, new gear, too much, or overly complicated equipment can actually become a hindrance to your work. This excellent video essay discusses how gear can sometimes get in your way and stop you from creating your best work.

The Fun of Mounting a 360 Camera on a Drone

Drones and 360 cameras are some of the most unique photographic devices out there, and so, it is only natural to want to combine them. Unfortunately, there are not any 360-capable drones out there, but that did not stop this photographer from coming up with a DIY solution of his own to put his 360 camera on top of his drone. Check out this fun video that shows the sort of things you can do with the combination.

How Does the Fujifilm X-S10 Compare to the X-T4 and X-T30?

Fujifilm's X-S10 mirrorless camera sits as a more affordable alternative to some of the company's more expensive X Series options, but it still brings with it a variety of useful features for professionals and amateurs alike. This excellent video review takes a look at the camera and the kind of performance you can expect, as well as how it compares to the more expensive X-T4 and X-T30.

Everything You Have Ever Wanted to Know About Lenses

There is literally no piece of photographic equipment more important than the lens, and it behooves any photographer to become well acquainted with the properties, types, and characteristics of them. This ultra-comprehensive video discusses everything you will ever need to know about lenses, ranging from their properties to how to choose the right kind for your work.

11 Ideas for Great Holiday Photos

It is the holiday season, and with many of us stuck at home, you might be looking for a creative project to keep the juices flowing. So, why not combine the season with your creativity and shoot some fantastic holiday photos? This excellent video tutorial will give you 11 ideas for fun and creative shots.

3 Type of Microphones for Video Work

No matter how good your video work is, if you do not have solid audio to accompany it, it will not be a successful final product. One of the most important steps for capturing good audio is knowing which type of microphone to use. This excellent video will show you three different types of microphones for use in video work.

Learn How This Night Portrait Was Shot

Nighttime portraits can be a fantastic way to capture a different look and mood than a normal photo, but they present more challenging lighting scenarios simply because you cannot rely on natural light. If you would like to learn how to shoot compelling and well-lit nighttime portraits, check out this fantastic video tutorial that goes behind the scenes of a three-light shot that includes gels.