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How Good Is the 2020 iPad Air for Content Creators?

Apple's iPad line has long established itself as mature and powerful content consumption devices. However, in the past few generations, we have seen increasingly powerful processors, top-end screens, and the addition of useful tools (such as the Apple Pencil) also position the iPad as a versatile content creation device. If you are considering an iPad for your creative work, check out this fantastic review of the 2020 iPad Air.

4 New Camera Features and Improvements in iOS 14

Along with the latest iPhones being recently introduced, we also have the latest version of iOS, version 14, available for installation on several generations of iPhones. And with it comes several new features and upgrades to the camera app, though you might not be aware of all the new capabilities. This great video discusses four new features and improvements that you might have missed in iOS 14.

Learn This Great Three-Light Setup in Just a Few Minutes

It is always best to start out with one light when you are first learning how to use artificial light, but once you have mastered the basics, you can enter an entirely new world of creativity when you start working with multi-light setups. This fantastic video tutorial will show you a dynamic and professional three-light setup for creating compelling portraits.