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The Wednesday Rundown 3.17.10

The Wednesday Rundown 3.17.10

Hello it is Jerrit again and welcome back to another Wednesday Rundown. Where I post videos that the crowd at Fstoppers sent in to us. I pick my favorite videos of the week and slap them up in the middle of the week. This week we have a great portrait sunset photo shoot from Simeon Sen, and even a shoot from a non profit.

The Wednesday Rundown

The Wednesday Rundown
Hello my name is Jerrit Pruyn and I am part of the fstoppers team. I will be in charge of The Wednesday Rundown, which will feature videos sent from the crowd here at fstoppers because sadly we can't post every video we find on the front page. I will pick my favorite videos of the week and post them on ... yes Wednesday. Now check the posts for the week.