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What It's Like to Photograph F16s... From Another F16

It's hard to imagine someone not describing what Sergeant Larry Reid Jr. does as a dream job. Once you see what he does, the images he captures and the joy on his face as he explains his process, part of you (no matter who you are) kind of wishes you were him. With two cameras strapped around his neck firing shots off while his pilot banks at seven G's, Sergeant Reid is living the dream.

Elusive Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art Back in Stock

Let's face it, the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art is hard to find. I've been getting barraged with questions from fellow photographers asking me when they could buy the 50mm, or if I have some sort of mystical connection that will allow me an unlimited supply of the lenses for them to tap. The popular lens has been nearly perpetually sold out since the lenses came to the market. I just got word that B&H got a new shipment of Canon mounts for the lens in, so if you've been waiting to buy, you can get the lens right now.

Lytro Wants to Send You on an Icelandic Adventure

Iceland is lauded as one of the most amazing places for photography due to the absolutely stunning landscape (Mike Kelley visits there frequently). In anticipation of their new Illum camera coming at the end of the July, Lytro wants to give five photographers an all-expenses-paid trip to Iceland to take part in an exclusive photo shoot with Chris Burkard, a premier adventure lifestyle photographer who serves as the senior staff photographer for Surfer Magazine. If you pre-order the Illum and submit a photo shoot idea, you're automatically entered to win.

Farewell Aperture: Apple Discontinuing Development of the Software

Though this probably won't surprise many of you, Apple is reportedly discontinuing development of their once-popular photo editing and organization platform, Aperture. Aperture was once considered on a level playing field with Adobe Lightroom, but Adobe's continued development and advancements to the software obviously have affected Apple's software, and today's announcement basically confirms that Apple also believes that Lightroom has since catapulted it beyond Aperture's reach.

Adobe Announces New Features for Photoshop CC

Adobe has announced a great number of updates to the entire Creative Cloud set of applications (every single application is being updated in some way), but let's focus here on just what's new in Photoshop CC: New Motion Blur Effects, Focus Mask and improved Content-Aware color adaptation along with a set of other updates and enhancements to the entire experience.

Adobe Makes $9.99 Photography Plan Permanent

That's right, the highly popular Photography Plan that Adobe seemed to continually threaten was going to be a limited-time deal, is finally a permanent pricing fixture. They are removing Behance Pro Site from the bundle, but it does contain Photoshop, Lightroom (on desktop and mobile) and now integrates the newly announced Photoshop Mix.

With Adobe CC, We Were Promised Regular Updates... So Why a Big Hyped Release?

Last week, Adobe teased one of the many new features they will be unveiling this week during their launch event in New York (and online). A question that I saw asked in the comments of that article, as well as again posed during a recent Adobe briefing I attended, asked that since we were promised fast and regular updates as a part of the Creative Cloud model, why then are we waiting for a major hyped release? Well, I have an answer for you.