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Jaron Schneider
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Interfit Offering Full Line of Quick-Fold Softboxes

Softboxes, at least traditional ones, suck. They are not fun to put together and even more painful to break back down. In an attempt to relieve this, companies like Westcott made umbrella-style boxes and Phottix took a swing at the collapsible beauty dish. Now Interfit has a hand in the game with a full line of options in the collapsible category, from octos to strips.

How Would You Like to Receive Updates from Fstoppers?

A major part of the driving force behind what we share is based in not over-sharing. We have never wanted to overstay our welcome, which is why we don't have an email list. That said, we have been receiving a lot of feedback from readers that they aren't getting any updates from us. Though we continue to let you know of new stories on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, we're wondering: how do you want to receive updates from us?

New Samsung Pro-Level SD Cards are Winners

When it comes to camera memory cards, most of us gravitate towards Sandisk and Lexar. Maybe PNY or Sony too. Samsung has been making memory cards for other companies for quite some time, but only recently have they decided to branch out and brand them as Samsung. So how do they perform? Surprisingly, or maybe unsurprisingly, quite well.