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Comparing Fujifilm's GFX 50S to Canon's EOS 5DS R

I trust I'm not the only one who has had their eye on Fujifilm's GFX 50S. With its 51.4MP, 43.8mm x 32.9mm CMOS sensor, removable OLED EVF, 3.2" 2.36m-dot tilting touch screen, 117-point contrast-detection AF system, extended ISO 50-102400, weather-sealed magnesium-alloy body, and my love for my X100T (predecessor to the X100F), I've been seriously considering Fuji as a full-on replacement for my Canon kit.

Three of the Best Digital Frames for Your Images

Photography has come a long way since my 35mm high school days. We've seen it go from film, to prohibitively expensive, low-resolution digital, to stunning high-res cameras in every phone. But the method of viewing digital images has been limited to print and computer screens. Since my very first Canon 5D I've been on the hunt for a digital picture frame that could display images with the same brilliance as print.

How to Make Movie Magic: Filmmaking Tips, Tricks, and Illusions

Have you ever wondered how filmmakers create realism in their films? Whether it's having a character scramble across a ceiling, severing the head of a zombie, making hair seemingly grow before your eyes, or getting a giant to flip a car over, all of these illusions are achieved by seamlessly combining any number of techniques, crafts, and concepts. In this video RocketJump Film School cites examples from Aliens, Wizard of Oz, The Godfather, Lord of the Rings, and other well known movies, to demonstrate how filmmakers use "movie magic" to sell their scenes.

The Beautiful Process Behind Erik Johansson's Surreal Images

I haven't been writing very much lately, but when Swedish Commercial Photographer Erik Johansson hit me with an email about his recent creation, I had to stop and take notice. And I'm not the only one. For the third chapter of their miniseries, "Human Made Stories," Volvo (in partnership with Sky Atlantic) spent three days this summer documenting Erik's process as he breathed life into his latest piece, "Wake Up." Volvo's miniseries features defiant pioneers who inspire, do things differently, challenge conventions, and blaze their own trail. Yup, that sounds like Erik to me.

Learn How to Shoot an Epic Bar Brawl

In their latest video, Film Riot's Frontman/Director Ryan Connolly comes to my backyard (Vancouver, BC) to film a truly epic bar brawl short. This entire series of videos is extremely useful when it comes to learning what it takes to film a quality short. The "Uncut Behind the Scenes" video is seriously my favorite of the bunch as you get a very candid look at every little detail and consideration the cast and crew had to make.

'The Story Behind My Photo' Is a Compelling Series of Photographer Short Stories

Canadian digital camera store, Vistek, has been interviewing photographers that have exhibits in the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival, in an ongoing video series called, "The Story Behind My Photo." In case the series title hasn't given it away, Vistek asked talented Canadian photographers to take us behind-the-scenes and share the stories that go along with their photos. These videos are very brief, but are compelling, beautiful, informative, and often, humorous.

Shooting Cameras With a High-Powered Rifle to Test StopShot's Abilities

Host of The Camera Store TV (TCSTV), Chris Niccolls, has seemingly gone a little stir crazy while his Video Producer and bosom buddy, Jordan Drake, is out of town. To help him past the time, Chris takes a few old cameras, a large caliber rifle, and a Cognisys StopShot camera triggering system for a little hands-on field mayhem... I mean testing. Watch as Chris fires a few rounds, decimates a few cameras, and scores a few snapshots.

10,000 Photos Go Into Making These Stunning Three-Meter Insect Prints

London-based Sports and Portrait Photographer Levon Biss wanted to see how he could take his commercial lighting techniques into the world of macro photography. After attaching a microscope assembly to the end of his DSLR lens and getting some samples from the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Biss was able to achieve extremely detailed, high resolution three-meter prints of 10 mm insects.

Marine Correspondent Photographs Star Wars Stormtroopers in Real-Life Combat Situations

Take a look behind the scenes as Photographer, Producer, and Marine Gunnery Sergeant Joseph DiGIrolamo documents the work of Photographer Matthew Callahan. Callahan is a U.S. Marine Combat Correspondent, who, when not telling the stories of the men and women who serve, is working on his personal fine art project, "Galactic Warfighters." This riveting photo essay is aimed at humanizing the fictional, faceless stormtrooper characters of the Star Wars galaxy.

A Quick Photography Tip for Turning Grey Skies Blue

We just can't seem to get enough of New York City-based Photographer David Bergman. Whether he's touring with Bon Jovi, shooting for Sports Illustrated, creating a 20,000-megapixel image, or just popping in with a quick tip from his "Two Minute Tips With David Bergman" series, David never fails to show us something worth our while. For his latest two-minute tip, he teaches us a quick and easy method for dealing with grey, overcast skies.