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Two Fun and Funny Filmmaking Canadians Want to Teach You How to Be a Filmmaker

Vancouver-based filmmakers, Jason Lucas and Matt Dennison, are all about trying to make quality videos. They're also all about trying to help you make quality videos! In this seven-minute video the IFHT (I Focking Hate That) crew run down 32 steps on, "How To Be A Filmmaker". Even though this is actually a tongue-in-cheek comedic short, rather than educational guidelines, it totally falls in the the realm of, it's-funny-cause-it's-true.

'Creepy Photog' Arne Svenson Speaks About His Controversial Photo Series 'The Neighbors'

New York City-based photographer Arne Svenson spent a lot of time in the news after he pointed his telephoto lens at his neighbors' windows and began photographing them for the sake of art. Understandably many of his subjects were outraged when they learned that they had been secretly photographed and put on display for Svenson's profit. The resulting lawsuits spanned two separate courts and several years, during which, Svenson had remained mostly silent.

Lighting and Retouching Tutorials for Recreating the Styles of Some of the World's Best Photographers

In this video, Guadalajara-based Photographer and Retoucher Sid Vasandani, shows us how to recreate that classic Steven Meisel vibe, used in his controversial campaigns for Vague Italia's, "Makeover Madness" and "Supermodel Enter Rehab". Watch as Sid walks us through a behind-the-scenes shoot, where he runs down the lighting set up, before going into an in-depth explanation of the retouching and color grading workflow in Photoshop.

The Power of Photography and The Stories Behind Some of the Most Iconic Photographs Ever Taken

COOPH Video Director, Matthew Rycroft, continues to make my job easier by sending me engaging content to share with the Fstoppers' community. Their latest video focuses on the ability, we all have as photographers, to capture unique, iconic, and fun moments. Watch "The Power of a Photograph," as it highlights twenty-two iconic photos that depict loss, depression, defiance, bravery, triumph, love and respect.

How to Get Perfect Color in Your Photography From Camera to Computer

Getting color consistency from your eye, to your camera, to your computer can be a real pain in the butt. Especially if you still haven't settled into a reliable, regular workflow. Color calibrating your monitor once a month and taking reference images with a gray card are invaluable when it comes to getting consistent color. If you are still struggling with getting your image colors to look right, then Freelance Photographer Gavin Hoey has the video for you. Watch as Gavin walks through a step-by-step process on how to achieve consistent color.

How Commercial Photographer Erik Johansson Creates Some of the World's Most Impactful Images

It's been said that Prague-based Photographer and Retoucher Erik Johansson doesn't capture moments, he captures ideas. To him, photography is a way to actualize complex, surreal concepts that are in his head. So, when you think about it, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that Johansson is kind of like our generation's Ansel Adams, as they both heavily employed previsualization techniques while pioneering unique solutions to achieve their visions. The end results are images that match the exact ideas they had in their minds' eyes.

How Ansel Adams Captured Images as He Saw Them

In this video essay, Evan Puschak aka The Nerdwriter explains some of the techniques Ansel Adams used to achieve his technical and esthetic mastery. Using visualization and some other relatively easy to learn techniques, Adams learned to bring what he saw in his mind's eye to his photographs (yes, I said "easy to learn," but hard to master). It was Adams' commitment to taking photographs, with intent, that made him a master artist and led him to develop the tools he needed to bring his images to fruition.​

Shooting at Sunset: How to Balance Ambient Light With Strobes

Commercial Photographer and Videographer Jay P. Morgan has spent the last 25-plus years mastering light, production, and the business end of photography. He shares most of his insights on The Slanted Lens, his site dedicated to providing step-by-step instruction on how to light for photography and video. His latest video finds him in Gettysburg, combining strobes with ambient light, featuring Honest Abe and a couple of sweet cannons, while he shows us how to light a scene during sunset.

You May Be a Photographer, but Are You an Artist?

New York City born photographer/artist Roger Ballen spent the better part of the last four decades in Johannesburg, South Africa. In that time he has produced a body of work that has been described as a fictionalized visual dialogued between individuals, their architectural space, found objects, and domesticated animals. His approach has been hailed as among the most unusual and exciting developments in contemporary photography.

The History of Photography in Five Minutes by COOPH

If you frequent this site, there's a pretty good chance you love photography. But how much do you actually know about its origins? Most of us rightfully jump to the camera obscura when thinking about the beginnings of photography, but how did we get from there to today's modern cameras? Have you ever wondered what the first photo ever taken was of? Or what the world's first color photo was of?

Have Fun Learning How to Create a Slow Motion Explosion Effect

Watch as Josh Connolly tests out the slow motion explosion he bought off Amazon Prime (ya, you heard me) and then learn how to create your very own. OK, they won't actually teach you how to blow things up, but they will entertain you while walking you through the process they used to create a slow-motion explosion effect. So, even though you may go to Film Riot to learn filmmaking techniques and how to create kick-ass visual effects, you'll go back for the sketches.

Award-Winning Short 'The Boy with a Camera for a Face' Is Beautifully Grim

We first saw the trailer for "The Boy with a Camera for a Face" some three years ago. And while it may seem like director and writer Spencer Brown took his good old time, (at least for those of us who were waiting with bated breath), you'll be glad he did. The resulting satirical fairy tale, narrated by Steven Berkoff, is beautiful, humorous, and grim and speaks to how we live our lives in today's media-driven society.

Go Behind the Scenes to Learn What Drives Successful Pro Photographers

Have you ever wondered what motivates all those successful, high-end professional photographers you look up to? Chances are, if you're a fan of this site, you already have a lot in common with them but Nikon Ambassador Corey Rich helps put that drive into words as he goes behind the scenes with five of Nikon's heavy hitters. "Inspired" is the second installment in a series that “explores what drives today's most diverse and interesting professional photographers and filmmakers, and captures the commitment it takes to tell truly meaningful stories.”

Holy Crap! The Crew of RocketJump Aim to Make 8 of the Best Shorts on the Internet

So I get this message from Chelsey, "Kenn I know how much you love these guys!" with a link to a trailer for a new series, to premiere exclusively on Hulu. And as usual, Chelsey wasn't wrong. I do love these guys. Who other than the fantastically spirited and dedicated crew of RocketJump would attempt to make (and chronicle the creation of!) eight of the best shorts on the Internet. You'll be able to watch a new short every Wednesday, starting December 2.

9 Quick and Easy Wedding Poses by SLR Lounge

It is no small thing to know how to pose your clients. In fact I don't feel like it's unreasonable to say that it is the hallmark of a competent, professional photographer. Especially when dealing with couples. Most client take comfort in being directed. It helps remove doubt and awkwardness while yielding a far more professional end product. For this reason, posing can be just as important to your final images as knowing what camera settings to use. Besides, it's always more fun for everyone when you can keep the atmosphere carefree, through confident direction and fluid action.

The Life of Iconic Commercial Fashion Photographer Will Shively

With over 40 years of portrait work under his belt, American Photographer Will Shively has become one of the most successful commercial fashion shooters in Columbus. Will found himself at a crossroads when he first decided to pursue his passion for photography. He got his BFA in painting from Ohio State University and was working for a design firm before being let go with a newborn on the way. But despite the risks involved, Will worked nights as a janitor at a local manufacturing plant while teaching himself the art of photography.

Tips on How to Pose Newborn Babies

Have you ever wondered how baby photographers (no, not babies that are photographers) pose newborns? Have you wondered how they got those little writhing, crying, flailing bundles of joy to stay the heck still for at least 1/200th of a second? Well, the crew over at Redhead Photography seems to have found the right combination. In fact, the babies in this video are so malleable that it's a little bit unnerving.

Dealing with Sentient Drones: An Intro to Noise Reduction

I'm not even sure they existed five months ago but since then the prolific crew over at RocketJump Film School have pumped out some really great educational (and often funny) content, quickly becoming one of my personal favorite crews out there. In this humorous short, "Droneward Bound," Ashly and Lauren (both adored) have to chase down a super sexy Inspire 1 drone as it takes on a life of its own. From there, director Kevin Senzaki jumps in on the second video to show us how they went about repairing the audio for the video. Senzaki jumps in on the second video to show us how they went about repairing the audio for the video.