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Adobe MAX Time Travels Through 25 Years of Photoshop

Thank god for the interwebs right? Not just because it brings us badgers and cat videos but because sometimes it allows us to be places we couldn't other wise go. I'm of course talking about the 2015 Adobe MAX conference that just went down in Los Angeles. If you, like me, were not one of the "5000 most creative minds" fortunate enough to make it, then you may appreciate this glimpse from the conference floor. Adobe set up a display consisting of several mock bedrooms. Each room being representative of a time period and pivotal moment within Photoshop's 25 years.

Creative Sunset Selfies Made From Cardboard Silhouettes

Nine-time Emmy award-winning TV producer and writer John Marshall found himself on Maine's Frye Island with too much time, talent and imagination. The result photo series, which he calls Sunset Selfies, is creative, whimsical and inspiring. I'd be ridiculously surprised if this doesn't spawn a whole slew of creative projects within our community, as enthusiastic shooters start cutting out their own cardboard silhouette to use during magic hour.

Conquering Color Correction with Commercial Photographer Andy Van den Eynde

In this video we see Antwerp, Belgium-based commercial photographer Andy Van den Eynde tackling color correction on location. Andy starts by dropping his base temperature down to a cool 2800K and then recreates the warm glowing effect of torch light using gels from his Rosco Color Correction Filter Kit. What I found interesting was how he actually builds torches out of strobes and gels, which provide the rim light and the glow that would be thrown off from actual torches.

One of the Best Presented Lighting Tutorials We've Ever Seen (Three Scenes in One Room)

This is one of the best lighting tutorials I've ever seen, being both educational and entertaining. The German-based production company, Dugly Habits, has created this lighting tutorial for the Dedolight International Competition 2015. Using the Dedolight SPS5E Lighting Kit and a handful of other lights they construct three entirely different atmospheres in one room along with a wide variety of lighting tricks to create the illusions of car headlights, candle flicker, lightening and more. What's even cooler is how they deliver this educationally rich tutorial.

Can Photography End Child Labor?

No doubt you are familiar with some of Lewis Wickes Hine's work. He is the guys who took the iconic photographs of the workers who constructed the Empire State Building in New York City. But what you may not know is that he first shot for the National Child Labor Committee, documenting the child workforce of America during the industrial revolution. And that his work went on to influence politicians and law makers by drawing national attention to the harsh realities of child labor.

A Simple Technique for Creating the Effect of Punching Someone Across the Room

Ryan and Josh Connolly of Film Riot always brings us the coolest do-it-yourself filmmaking and special effects tutorials. In this "rewind" episode (read: old) they show us how to create the killer effect of throwing someone clear across the room. What's doubly cool is how easily this can be done with just a still camera and software that most of us already have (Photoshop and After Effects).

Creating an "Oh F**k!" Moment Through Better Video Editing

What do iconic movies like Dr. Stranglove, Alien, Psycho and Star Wars all have in common? They all knew how to create that, "Oh f**k" moment. You know the one I'm talking about. Every thing is fine. All good here. Wait a minute. What's that? BAM! Well Director Joey Scoma of RocketJump Film School shows us how to recreate those nail biting, butt clenching, knee jerking moments using tried and true video editing techniques.

Adobe's Free Color App Allows you to Sample The World's Colors with Your Mobile Device

We here at Fstoppers can forgive our beloved Trevor Dayley for jumping ship and joined the crew over at SLRLounge as long as he keeps turning us on to useful tools and tips like the Adobe Color CC app. This thing is so cool and it's free. Adobe never seems to stop enriching it's eco systems with improved connectivity and functionality. The Color CC app allows you to sample real world colors (you'll see what I mean by that in Trevor's video) or create color palettes from photos straight from your mobile device.

An App to Help Photographers Find Workspace Away From Home

Culling, processing and editing jobs is a time consuming endeavor to say the least. Hours go by with you hunched over the Wacom as you find yourself leaning ever closer to your screen. Sometime you just need to get out of the studio (or your apartment) and find a different environment to keep yourself sane. Sometimes you are away on assignment and you just need to find a place with wifi, a plug, a comfortable seat and a good cup of coffee. Well the Work Hard Anywhere app aims to help you with that, by creating a community of freelancers who share their favorite haunts to plug in, plop down and post up in.

What North Korea is Really Like from the Point of View of a Vacationing Photographer

As some of you may have noticed by now, I'm kind of hooked on these mini documentaries put out by Seeker Stories. They're interesting, easily digestible, informative and from the point of view of our industry peers. This latest video features Bath-based, UK video producer/photographer Matt Paish as he takes us into North Korea on vacation. See what it's like to vacation in one of the most isolated nations in the world.

Japanese Wildlife Photographer Travels the Globe to Film Cats of the World

I happened across this serene video of a tiny kitten befriending Japanese wildlife photographer Mitsuaki Iwago as he was filming for his NHK TV series, "Wildlife Photographer Mitsuaki Iwago's World Cats Travelogue". While being lulled by the tranquility of the scene I couldn't help but think how amazing our craft is, that we can make a living doing something so incredibly delightful. Iwago-san is fortunate enough to travel the world filming and photographing cats in the streets.

Amateur Photographer's Street Photo Asks: Is The World Cup Making Thousands Homeless?

Through his street photography, Brazilian civil engineer, economist and amateur photographer, Jairo Abud, sheds light on how his government chooses to allocate it's resources while millions live in poverty. This is another short yet intriguing video produced by documentary outlet, Seeker Stories, who use "...the imagery of photographers and adventurers around the world to give us a deeper connection to and understanding of the human condition".

Photographer Helps Children with Cancer Live Their Dreams Through Fantasy Photography

Salt Lake City-based photographer Jonathan Diaz gifts young fighters of cancer with the experience of living their dreams. Through his, Anything Can Be Project, and with help from public donations/corporate sponsorship Jonathan is able to create elaborate sets and costumes to actualize the fantasies of kids that, more than anyone, deserve one magical day to forget their troubles.

New York-Based Photographer Revolutionizes Dick Pics with High Fashion Photo Shoot

First I have to say this video contains what some will consider very graphic images and language. So if you don’t subscribe to the "laugh a little, lighten up” theory of life, like comedic photographer Soraya Doolbaz and I do, then please don’t torture yourself (or us) and just avoid this post. That being said, Soraya's lighthearted project Dicture Gallery is exactly what it sounds like. Take an erect penis, dress it to the nines (eights, sevens, sixes or fives, we don't judge here) and photograph it like you would any other high fashion shoot.